July 1998

The engine support cradle is made up of two parts. The main piece, the cradle itself, I've finished modifying. The bracket that bolts on to the engine/gearbox, and sits on the cradle, supported by two rubber mounts, needs modifying further as there one or two problems with it. Firstly, the gearbox I'm using has a different type of output coupling than the Mk1 gearbox, and couplings on the five speed box are larger/longer than the Mk1's. Unfortunately, the rubber gaiter clip on the coupling on the offside fouls the engine support bracket. I've now modified the bracket with some careful cutting and welding so that there is extra clearance for the coupling/clip. OK, I'll print some photos soon, so you can see what I mean. I've also had to weld a spacer to the bracket, so that the middle/bottom bolt that goes through the bracket and in to the gearbox, now has something to fill the gap. I'll bolt everything back on to the engine tonight, and that's hopefully it!
Welded the two spacers' back on to the engine cradle. The cradle now sits a lot further forwards! Excellent!
I've slotted the holes at the rear of the cradle, and I'm ready to weld the spacer's back on. I'm going to modify the cradle to lower the rear of the engine, by about another half an inch (12.7mm) which will give the effect of leaning the engine back by about 5-10 degrees. If this doesn't look enough, then I'll lower it by another half an inch.
Removed both metal spacers from the engine cradle, by cutting the welds and chiselling them off (very hard work). I need to move the cradle forwards, but neither pair of holes is in the right place. Filing the spacers is too much work, so its easier to remove them, and weld them back on in a different location.

I'm now thinking about leaning the engine backwards, to try to get the CG lower. I'll have a think about this over Sunday/Monday before making any decisions.
Removed the engine support cradle. I need to move the engine/gearbox forwards by half an inch, and the best way to do this seems to be to remove the metal spacer that's welded to the front of the cradle, and reposition it. The holes in the back of the cradle are already slotted, to allow the cradle to move forwards. However the cradle wont move forwards any further, because the front holes wont allow it to. If I weld the front spacer back on, in a different position, then the whole lot should move forwards. Theoretically that is. I'd like to make a whole new engine mount system, but that's a bit too complicated. I've removed the spacer, and will weld it back on over the weekend.
Raised engine back in to the car. I'm going to have to move the engine and gearbox forwards by about half an inch. Otherwise the drive shaft coupling from the gearbox is going to hit the chassis where the lower front suspension wishbone fits.

The engine crane is great. Saves loads of hassle! Wish I'd bought one sooner.
Removed the engine. Completed and painted the modification to the chassis rail.
Raised the engine in to place, and marked the remaining piece of chassis rail to remove (where the gearbox sticks through). Removed engine and set to work on the chassis. Cut out strips of metal, 1" wide, and welded them in place to reinforce the box section where I'd cut it. Looks very good now, but I still could do with adding some more strength back in.
The third box has arrived. Unpacked it, and found that one of the castor wheels is broken, presumably because the crane was packaged in a cardboard box, and must have been dropped on its end. I'll call DT tomorrow to arrange for a replacement.
Two thirds of the engine crane has arrived. Parcel Force only delivered two boxes. The other ones probably on a world tour. I'll call Demon Tweeks tomorrow to get them to chase it. Ho hum.
Ordered an engine crane from Demon Tweeks. I'm fed up with trying to jack the engine up in to position, balancing it on wooden blocks. The engine and box are worth over a grand and I dont want to drop them on the floor. The crane should arrive tomorrow, so I can get the engine back in to the car again.
I removed the remaining metal from the inner wing, so the gearbox will fit in the hole. Removed the blue painted bolts from the gearbox, and cut off the studs that are used to mount the gearbox mounts on the Mk4 Fiesta. Pushed the engine and gearbox under the car, ready to be lifted up in to place.
Fitted the five speed box to the engine, ready to fit back in to the car. Sold the XR2 four speed box.
Water pump pulley kit arrived from Aldon Automotive. They've supplied the toothed belt drive system to allow me to run the engine without an alternator. The kit comprises of a water pump with a machined pulley, interference fitted to the pumps input shaft, and a smaller pulley, which bolts on to the end of the crankshaft. I'm very impressed with the solution, and I'll fit it to the engine over the weekend.