June 1998

Cut the rest of the metal from the hole. I need to lift the engine and gearbox back in to the car to see if the box now fits. (A job for the weekend)
Cut a hole for the gearbox. Marked out the shape, drilled around the edge, and chiselled the steel plate away to reveal the hole. Hard work. Not finished yet though, as I need to weld more strength back in.
Welded a steel plate over the chassis rail where I need to make a hole for the new five speed gearbox (its longer than the 4 speed box). A friend of mine suggested that instead of cutting the hole, and then welding strength back in, it would be a good idea to strengthen the chassis first, and then cut the hole. So far so good.
Mocal remote oil-filter pickup arrived from Ripspeed.
I'm busy finishing off some College work, which needs to be handed in by the 19th, so the car is going to have to take second place for a few days.
Took the gearbox off the engine. Moved everything in to the workshop, ready for the mess I'm going to make, cutting the chassis tomorrow night.
Removed the engine and gearbox, so I can install the five speed box and the front engine mount.