May 1998


Looked at trying to fit the front engine mount. I've marked the inner wing where I need to make the hole. I've also marked the chassis where the gearbox will stick through.


Cleaned the gearbox, and checked that all the gears are selectable. The oil is very clean, and there doesn't appear to be any external damage to the box. Martin and Andy finished in the 50's, after the alternator bolts snapped. They missed a stage, gaining a maximum, but set top 15 times for the remaining two stages. Bad luck.


There was just the most awesome Mk4 Fiesta competing yesterday. Cosworth Turbo, rear-wheel drive, multi-point cage, 16" wheels, AP racing brakes. He'd basically removed the front end, and built a space frame to house the engine. (Not a bad idea actually. At least I'd get the alternator to fit then) I'll publish the photos once they're processed. Martin and Andy were lying 14th overall when I left yesterday. (more than 100 cars were competing)


I'm off to RAF Swinderby (off the A46 near Lincoln) today, to see the rally debut of a friends Mk2 Gp4 Escort. (2.0 litre Pinto).


Collected engine mount. The inner wing is going to take some modification before I can bolt the engine mount to it. Bought a Fiesta RS1800i gearbox this afternoon. Its the same shape/size as the XR2/2i box, but will need a couple of holes drilling for the top gearbox mounting bracket. As its a five speed, I'll need to cut the chassis rail on the near side (left) before it'll fit. I need some driveshafts. Wonder which ones are best? Probably the RS Turbo ones.


Fitted 1/2" BSP fittings to the remote oil filter housing. Difficult work as the alloy casting didn't seem to have its threads cut properly, which is unusual. (hope they weren't tapered!)


Bought a Mocal remote oil-filter housing from Ripspeed. I can mount the oil filter on the inner wing, where it wont get in the way of anything. They didn't have a take-off plate, so I'll order one from Demon Tweeks.


Ordered front engine mount kit from Ford.


I think I may have found a company that can actually supply a water pump drive kit. Watch this space.


I have two of the brake pedal-to-servo transfer tubes in the garage. One from the XR2 and another from the old 1300 Ghia. The 1300 bar is longer, and is long enough to reach the new location of the servo. Both tubes have the same diameter and wall thickness. I cut the XR2 tube so I could remove the lever that goes to the servo, and I welded it on to the 1300 tube. I then fitted the tube. Problem solved.


Spoke to Dunnells about progress of the water pump drive. Looks like Paul is not able to help after all.


Moved the brake servo 40mm to the right, so it now clears the ignition coil unit.


Installed the brake servo, and connecting bar from the brake pedal. Unfortunately (there's that word again) the servo is in the way of the ignition coil unit that bolts on the end of the cylinder head, so I need to move the servo about 40mm to the right, and extend the tube that runs from the brake pedal across the bulkhead to the servo, by the same amount. Connected the clutch cable to the clutch pedal. Waxoyled the offside sill.

I phoned BTB exhausts to get a rough cost for a manifold and system. £500 for the manifold and £300 for a rear-exit exhaust!


Installed engine and gearbox in car. Bolted front suspension and wheels on, and lowered car on to its wheels. First time she's supported the weight of an engine and gearbox for over three years. I forgot just how low the car sits. Connected clutch cable, and near side drive shaft to the gearbox. Front off side corner of sump needs modifying, as the tie bar from the front suspension hits it. The casting includes a bolt hole in the front corner of the sump, which I can cut off. Bolted on the new front engine mount bracket, and made temporary bracket to stop the engine from moving. Discovered that the gearbox mounting bracket was cracked, next to the holes where it bolts on to the gearbox, so I welded over the crack.


Poly Vee-belt isn't going to work. I need a belt of 660mm length, and the closest is 675mm. Seemed like a good idea, as it would fit the grooved crank and water pump pulleys, and would just cost a few pounds. I've gone back to Dunnells for help. Paul is going to look in to making a couple of pulleys, as apparently I'm not the only one transplanting a Zetec in a Mk1 fiesta at the moment, and he's willing to spend time sorting the problem.


Returned the water pump kit. Looked on the web for belt drive suppliers, and found Beeline Engineering, a site which shows the different types of belt drives that are available. I'm now pursuing the Vee-belt drive route, and further information will appear here when available.