August 2000

Wednesday 30th August 2000
No motorsport on Monday, it was raining far too much. Instead I removed the steering rack, refitted the bonnet stay, the door locks etc. Getting there.
The cable and connector for the CCTV has arrived, so I'll be able to get the workshop cam running soon. Bought my tickets for EJ10 today. Its the Eddie Jordan GP 10th anniversary bash at Donington on Sunday. Check out the Donington site for details. Bro is taking his Canon EOS along, and I'll be taking the trusty Minolta for some action shots. Took the film in today for processing, so the hi definition pictures of the resprayed Fiesta will be up in a few more days time.
Found a great link to a Opel Manta site today. Looks like this guys got a great project on his hands.
Bank Holiday Monday 28th August 2000
Probably off to watch some motorsport today. Haven't decided just where yet.
So far I've re-fitted the Cobra seat, the alloy filler cap, and the sunroof. I'm using Waxoyl wherever possible. I'll try to get the doors back on next, so I can get some photo's taken on the driveway. My brothers got a Canon camera with some amazing lenses, so I'll ask him round to take some pictures. Then I'll see if I can get the negatives scanned at work.
Saturday 26th August 2000
Beccy is now back safe and sound in the garage. I'm almost lost for words. She looks fantastic. Like new!
The pictures below are from the Digital VGA camera, and I took some 35mm shots on the driveway, before I put her away, so I'll get these processed and scan them next week. I cannot fault the respray. Not a single blemish. The polish has really lifted the colour. She gleams, and the wheel arches look amazing. My thanks to Langrop's of Anstey, Leicester (Saab and Daihatsu Dealers). If you want a quality respray, then I definitely recommend them. The owner races a 3.0 Capri in the Historics Championship, which explains everyones enthusiasm with the workmanship on my car. Thanks guys!
I'll check with Ripspeed this morning to see if the wheels have arrived. They did say delivery should be this week. On Tuesday I went in to check the progress, and they've changed the order from Peugeot fitment to Ford fitment, which they didn't know was available when I placed the order. So no fitting kit to mess around with. Just a set of SuperT's, which bolt straight on. If I get them today, I'll get them sorted next week with some Hoosiers. I've read that these are cheaper than Avons, but provide just as much grip. Then I can fit them on the car, wheel her outside and get some publicity shots for my sponsors and for the magazines.
Back home Back home Back home Back home Back home Back home Back home Very pleased
Now I've got a huge kit to assemble. The engine is awaiting the ARP heavy duty conrod bolts, which I'll order next week. Then I can replace the oil pump at the same time, and refit the standard 1.8 water pump. And I quite fancy an alloy crank pulley from From then on its all systems go to get her running as soon as possible. I still haven't run the engine since I bought it. That's going to be quite a day!! Keep visiting for all the updates. Things are going to get really interesting over the next few months.
Sunday 20th August 2000
The USA bound stickers should be arriving with you in the next day or so. They were posted Stateside on Friday, by Mark Porter ;). Cheers Mark! He's coming over to the UK in November for a visit, and the tally of beers I owe Mark has just increased by about a dozen.
Tidied up the garage. Found all sorts of bits and pieces lying around. I've a collection of 1600 driveshafts for sale. And a few other bits and pieces. Including genuine XR2 air-cleaner, grab handles, rear door struts, 1300 Ghia inlet manifold, clutch diaphragms. Offers please if you're interested. All plus postage of course.
I've even got the original digital clock/stop watch, and the XR2 speedo/rev counter console. In mint condition. More details can be found on the For Sale page.
The CCTV camera is now mounted in the garage, and I've a Hauppage WinTV card in my PC ready to relay pictures to the website. I just need to run the cable through to the PC, and get a convertor to join the SCART connector to Phono.
Saturday 19th August 2000
Took a trip down to the body shop yesterday afternoon to see how things were progressing with the respray. And guess what? She's finished! And they've done the most amazing job. The car is completely resprayed, inside and out, including the engine compartment and the roll cage. Exactly what I asked for. And she's back in original Ford sunburst red. Its the most amazing thing I've ever seen. And they said that because I'd prepared her so well, they literally just had to apply the primer, cut it back, and then apply the top coat, 7.5 litres in all. She's going to be polished next week, which will 'lift' the colour a little more, and then she's being returned to my house next Friday afternoon. I just can't wait. Sorry about the picture quality. My little Fuji DX8 isn't up to much these days. I need to get a Kodak DC280 with zoom, Santa...
In the bodyshop In the bodyshop
Took the Zetec engine cam cover and headlight surrounds/mounts to Faircharm for a sandblast and powder coat in matt black. Should be ready in a week or so.
Tuesday August 15th August 2000
WAP Enabled. This site now supports WAP. For the latest news from your WAP phone, navigate to
The 16V boot badges are now available via the merchandise page.
Friday August 11th August 2000
Merchandise section is now live. Stickers only at present, but shortly there'll be 16V Logos, and other merchandise.
Monday August 7th August 2000
Well, the garage is now looking very bare. The Fiesta was collected this morning, and I took the driver and passenger doors down with me as I followed her down to the bodyshop. What to do with my evenings now? The cars gone for a couple of weeks, while she's resprayed. Hopefully the wife wont suggest 'decorating'.
Saturday 5th August 2000
Fitted a new towing eye to the front of the car. The existing ones, are underneath the front spoiler, and if anyone were to connect a rope/chain to these to give the car a tow, then the front spoiler would probably get ripped off. The new one is made from 5mm steel plate, and I've welded and bolted it to the front cross member. I modelled it on one from a photograph of a Mondeo Touring Car (stock car). Refitted the rear tailgate, to make transportation on Monday easier. I'm going to refit the bonnet too, but the doors are going to be taken in my Mondeo.
The bracket, ready for welding About to weld it in place Welded and painted New towing eye
Wednesday 2nd August 2000
Posted the July mailshot to those applications received from the UK (x19), Canada (x2), and South Africa (x1). There's two stickers in each envelope. The USA bound stickers are to follow soon.
I've got myself a Nokia 7110e WAP phone. Great fun.