December 2000

Saturday 30th December 2000
Finished two more schematics for the lighting and warning lights circuit diagrams. Updated the Fuel Injection, Electrics, and Zetec Register pages.
Thursday 28th December 2000
Finished assembling the throttle bodies on to the inlet manifold. Bought some manifold studs from Halfords, and some red studlock to fix them securely in place. The throttle linkage assembly kept me quiet for a while, whilst I tried to interpret the 3rd angle drawing that accompanied them. Everything went together though, and it looks really great, with all four air-horns now on the bodies. All I need to do now is get an inlet manifold gasket, and I can fix them to the engine. Trouble is, wifey bought me Zelda:Majora's Mask for the N64, so between that and Colin McRae 2.0 for the Playstation, its hard to work up the enthusiasm to go out in to the freezing cold.
Friday 22nd December 2000
Well, what a year. The site has passed 2 million hits in a year (196,000 page impressions!), which is pretty good going for a site run as a hobby. Thanks to everyone that keeps coming back, and make sure you visit regularly over the coming months, when I finally get the engine running, after plumbing in the electrics and fuel injection system.

Have a great Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

These figures are generated from the Analog log file analysis package.
(Figures in parentheses refer to the 7 days to 22-Dec-2000 10:33)
Successful requests: 2,017,098 (55,203)
Average successful requests per day: 5,666 (7,886)
Successful requests for pages: 196,081 (3,892)
Average successful requests for pages per day: 550 (555)
Failed requests: 4,712 (98)
Redirected requests: 4,637 (97)
Distinct files requested: 1,879 (906)
Distinct hosts served: 27,847 (1,651)
Corrupt logfile lines: 46
Data transferred: 7.636 Gbytes (225.832 Mbytes)
Average data transferred per day: 21.966 Mbytes (32.261 Mbytes)

Tuesday 19th December 2000
The new Trans-Auto-Sport catalog landed on my door step last night. There's some neat looking products in there for the Mk1 and Mk2 Fiesta. Just look at this adjustable and rose jointed TCA.
Adjustable and rose jointed TCA
Monday 18th December 2000
Stripped the fuel rail off the Mondeo injection system, to see how it all fitted together. There's a fuel pressure regulator, vacuum operated, which varies the pressure according to the amount of vacuum in the inlet manifold. Ordered some connectors and other bits from Vehicle Wiring Products, so I can start to wire in some of the circuits on the car over Christmas. Ordering a set of perspex windows this week, too.
Tuesday PM 12th December 2000
Found a set of four, matched, High Performance injectors at Graham Goodes, for £100 all in. They'd had them sitting on a shelf for years, and there must have been an inch of dust on the box. I've fitted them to the throttle bodies, and fitted the bodies and manifold to car. It looks awesome! I've taken it all off again so I can finish building the linkage kit, but I just had to see whether it fitted in the space between the engine and the firewall, and it does! Just!
Bought some stainless fasteners, and replaced the socket head screws I previously fitted to the cam cover, as the originals were mild steel, and had started rusting.
Replaced the screws that fix the water pump pulley to the water pump, with some mushroom cap screws, so I've got more clearance between the pulley and the chassis rail.
Tuesday AM 12th December 2000
Visited Jenvey Dynamics yesterday, and bought the fuel injection system for the Fiesta. Nice!! I've created a new page, which tracks the installation/development of the Jenvey fuel injection system. The link will be on all nav bars within a few days. Visit Injection for information and pictures of the new system.
Monday 4th December 2000
Started planning the wiring diagram for the Fiesta. At the moment I'm concentrating on the starting, charging and ignition circuit, which is where all the heavy duty wiring and components are required. Check out the diagram below for more details. With the ignition switch located after the starter switch, I can spin the engine over without it firing, which allows oil pressure to be built up before actually switching on the ignition and starting the engine.
With a bit of luck, I can scrounge some MILSPEC wire and connectors from where I work! Should help save a few bob, and a bit of weight.
Power Circuit
Saturday 2nd December 2000
I've arranged to visit Jenvey w/b 11th December, to purchase the throttle bodies etc. Richard Jenvey recommends the TB45i bodies, with 90 mm air horns, but I dont think I've enough room for those, so I may go for the shorter 60 or 40 mm horns. I'll be getting a pair of those, plus the linkages, fuel rails etc.
I need to get an ECU next, and there's a lot to choose from. I'll see who Richard recommend's first.