September 2001

Sunday 30th September 2001
Just spotted that the Fiesta Centre now sells a disk brake conversion for the rear axle.

Friday 28th September 2001
I really really didn't think it was going to be this difficult to get the rear disk conversion kit from HiSpec. Despite numerous phone calls this afternoon, I just can't get through to anyone there to ask where the brakes have got to. All I get is a recorded message saying that they're probably on the other line. Sorry to the guys at Performance Ford magazine. Looks like she wont be featured for another month! Does anyone else make a rear disk conversion for the Mk1?
I shall vent my frustration by running the engine again at the weekend. I've had some problems getting the exhaust system to seal, where the manifold meets the two down pipes that run under the sump. I've moved them a little, and retightened all the brackets and I need to run the engine again to see if I've cured it this time. Thats as good an excuse to make some noise as any I can think of! Vroom vroom

Its almost a year to the date that the Mondeo was vandalised on the driveway (Oct 1st 2000). I've placed an advert in the Leicester Mercury offering a reward for information leading to a conviction. The Police have no leads to go on, and aren't really that interested anyway. I know who's responsible but I need proof, and I'm hoping that the advert will spur someone on to help make the conviction. I am offering a substantial £1000 cash reward if that helps jog someone's memory!
Monday 24th September 2001
Went to watch the British Touring Cars at Donington yesterday. Some great action, but it was very cold weather, and it rained during the feature race, which made it very slippery, specially after one of the cars dropped oil all over the track. Next race is at Brands Hatch, which we'll also attend, as its the last race of the season, and theres only 6 points between Muller and Plato.
Fixed the perspex windows in to the driver and passenger doors with some aluminium brackets, so they won't drop down. Bought some more petrol. Ran the engine on Saturday for about 20 minutes. Still sounding good.
Spoke to HiSpec this morning re rear disk brake conversion kit. They're going to make it a top priority job, and get the parts out to me this week!
Thursday 20th September 2001
Fitted the Fiesta Mk2 steering column in to the Fiesta. Which now means that I have the Momo steering wheel fitted. Thanks for sending the parts over Jim.
Not much else to report. HiSpec still haven't sourced any Lucas calipers for the rear disk conversion, so the Fessie is still sat on axle stands. I may run the engine again for an hour this weekend, just to give the battery a charge. I need to change the cams for the Piper units, so I'll get a couple of vernier pulleys ordered. Anyone got a step-by-step guide to installing and timing-in twin camshafts?
Thursday 13th September 2001
With the truly incomprehensible acts of terrorism that struck the United States on Tuesday, all our thoughts are with the people of America. We were supposed to be flying out to Boston this afternoon, to spend time with friends in a holiday that we'd been planning and looking forwards to for many months. We've cancelled the trip, and hopefully will return next year, but I'm sure you'd agree that travelling to the USA in the present climate is not sensible, and we'd rather remain in the UK, surrounded by family and friends, should things take a turn for the worse.
I've instead, made a contribution to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief fund. You should do the same. Even if its just $10, the people of the United States require our help.
Make a credit card donation to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief fund
Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Sunday 9th September 2001
Fitted the remaining acrylic window in the tailgate. Stretching the window rubber to fit the window was a challenge, as was fitting the window to the tailgate. Some help from Wifey and it went in without too much trouble. Hint: Fit the rubber around the ends of the window, and bend the window in the centre to allow the remaining sides to fit.
The bonnet (hood) shuts! Strange though it may sound, its the first time I've actually closed the bonnet properly, so the catch actually holds it in place! Another milestone...
Fitted the front two seatbelt eyes to the floor, under the seat. The harness is now held in with six eye bolts. I've used the two mounting plates that I bought at the kit-car show last weekend. I spent another 25 minutes adjusting the straps so when I sit in the seat, and fasten the belts, I feel really glued into the seat. I went for a Sabelt 6-point harness as its the same as the one used by Ford in the Focus WRC. It features 3" wide belts on the shoulder and lap belts.

The bonnet shuts Seatbelt installed Battery isolator pull-cable Rear window now installed
Saturday 8th September 2001
No rear brakes still. HiSpec told me to ring back on Wednesday for a progress report, but I'd rather just let them get on with it.
Had a fairly quiet week. Which really shows just how the project has evolved in the past few months. Most of the work has been completed now, the engine runs reliably, everything is fitted, so the latest news page will get quieter. However, when I start testing and competing there'll be plenty of updates to read about.
Should be getting the steel sunroof in a week or so, so I can get it resprayed Sunburst Red and fitted to the car.
And I'll be fitting the Piper Cams soon, so I'll have a new page dedicated to explaining whats involved in swapping camshafts over.
Forgot to mention that we went to Radio 1's One Big Sunday last weekend in Leicester. It was awesome, and totally free. Radio 1
Monday 3rd September 2001
Over the weekend I visited the kit car show at Donington, and had a demo of Jim Hearnes mightily impressive 2.0 ZVH Turbo powered Quantum. Phew, still getting my breath back, and its only running 3psi boost at the moment.
I've fitted the cable pull mechanism for the battery isolator switch. Took about 3 hours to fit. And it works!
Jims donated a Mk2 Fiesta hexagonal steering column end, which should fit the Mk1 steering column mountings. When fitted, the Momo boss (adaptor) and steering wheel should fit straight on. And a rear-window rubber, so I can get the tailgate window fitted this week too.
Bought two seatbelt mounting plates from the kitcar show, so I can get the front two mountings for the 6-point harness fitted. Also bought a few stainless socket head screws to finish things off in the engine bay.
HiSpec are at this moment re-engineering the rear disk conversion kit to accept Bosch calipers, taken from a Vauxhall. They've obviously given up on getting any more Lucas calipers if they've taken the step of making new mounting brackets. I need to call back mid-week for an update.