February 2003

Friday 28th February 2003
The Zetecinside Mondeo will be replaced in the next few days by a much better tow car. She's been faultless over the past 6 years and covered over 88,000 miles since new, but with an 1800cc engine, she occasionally struggles to tow the car and trailer on some of the longer treks around the country. So I've decided to move up market a little.

I've bought a new shape Audi A6, 2.8 30V Quattro, with manual gearbox. It does 0-60 in 7.7 secondsGrin, and has a top speed of 138 MPH. There should be plenty of power to tow the Fiesta with. My private number plate is being transferred on to the A6 this week, and a new tow bar and electrics are being fitted. Photo's to follow as soon as the car is in my posession. Insurance isn't much higher than the 8 year old Mondeo, though she's Group 17. I shopped around for the best deal, and settled with Tesco.net. Best value of all the on-line insurance companies I tried.

Friday 21st February 2003
Its been almost a month since I last updated the page. I've been busy decorating at home, and so my attention has been diverted else where. Good news is that we're accepted for the first event at the 3 Sisters Circuit on April 6th. That's a great start to the season. My entry for Loton Park on May 19th has also been acknowledged, but not yet officially accepted. And I'm still waiting for regs for other events in April and May. I'll make some more phone calls next week to see where they've got to.

I'm selling my water pump drive kit on Ebay. It's not had any bids so far. Someone must want it for their Zetec engine. It allows the engine to run without an alternator, freeing up power. But I decided against using it because I'm running fuel injection, which means there's quite a load on the battery, and so I had to run with an alternator. It'd be fine though on short track use for a car with carburettors.