November 2004

Saturday 27th November 2004
Drove the Fiesta out the garage, and turned it round on the driveway this morning, so she's now facing the right way so I can start dismantling the front suspension and remove the engine and gearbox. I also swapped the wheels round so the white Compomotives are on the car, and the OZ Superleggera's can be shrink wrapped in polythene and stored in the dark. This helps keep the Michelin tyres in top condition ready for next year.

Made lots of updates to the web site. Mostly to links, so the pages look more consistent.
Monday 15th November 2004
Webcam is now live. Its going to be moved in to the garage soon. Just testing at the moment.

Found a brilliant piece of freeware that makes a mosaic using pictures you supply it with. The end results can be quite amazing.
Mosaic of the Fiesta at 3 Sisters
Monday 8th November 2004
I finally have broadband at home, using a 3Com 802.11g wireless router, and a 1Mb connection, which means I can now get the web camera setup in the garage. Thats the plan anyway
Friday 5th November 2004
Took the Fiesta off of the trailer today so I can start work over the weekend. I've taken some shots of the alternator mounting bracket, which show how the alternator mounts to the engine. Brackets are no longer available from Brise, but I can supply them. If you need one for your conversion, just get in touch.

The Audi has been transformed by the replacement suspension. She no longer clonks and bangs when I drive along, which means that the lower arms were in definite need of replacement. The ride is so much better, so a big thankyou to Audi for the recall notice.
Alternator mounting bracket Alternator mounting bracket Alternator mounting bracket Alternator mounting bracket Alternator mounting bracket