December 2005

Sunday 25th December 2005
XMAS 2005Happy Christmas to all visitors, past and present, for 2005. It was another very succesful year. New personal bests at all tracks visited, with a new top speed of 125 MPH and a quarter mile in 14.4s. In April I became a Dad for the first time, and I'm enjoying of every minute of it. In 2006 I plan to visit more new circuits, and to get back to competing on at least 10 events again, so I can finish higher up overall in the Midland Speed Championship.
Saturday 17th December 2005
I've been sent some photos of a stunning Lotus Europa S1, powered by a 2.0 Focus Zetec engine. Owner, Dave Miller is from the USA, and the spec is quite impressive. 1967 Lotus Europa S1
2.0 Focus Zetec
FR big valve head 10.5-1 c.r.
FR3 cams
45 DCOE Webers
Custom exhaust header
Electromotive ignition
Aluminum flywheel
Geo Metro alternator
Renault NG1 transaxle
1465 lbs.
est. 190 hp.

Lotus Europa S1 Lotus Europa S1 Lotus Europa S1

Steve Cockerham has sent me some new pictures of his Zetec engined Striker. If you want more details of the car, Steve can be contacted at stevedcockerham at
Zetec Striker Zetec Striker

Sounds like the Snetterton round in May 2006 has been ditched. Shame, I'd like to have gone.
Thursday 15th December 2005
The new 16V head for the Fiesta is coming along. Its going to have 33.5mm inlets and standard sized exhausts, though they'll be replaced with Rimflow valves. Should be ready in the new year.

My 2005 Mondeo now has 1500 miles on the clock and I've managed to record 54mpg today on my trip round the M40/M25. Thats not bad for a big 2.2 TDCI engine. I'm now able to give her a bit more stick now the mileage is clocking up, and wow, everything in the rear view mirror just shrinks when I plant my foot in 6th gear. Excellent fun.