February 2005

Friday 25th February 2005
I am selling my spare steel sunroof on ebay
Thursday 24th February 2005
The gearbox arrived back from Quaife today. Its had several new parts fitted, as well as an overhaul kit, and the new final drive (previously 4.69:1, now 3.857:1) which will give me the improved top speed. Bad news is that the event at Donington in July is now no longer included in the Notts Sports Car Championship, which is so disappointing.

I'm selling my 4.69:1 final drive gear kit on ebay
Friday 11th February 2005
My 2005 competition license has now arrived. I've upgraded to Speed National A 'Open' which allows me to run an engine larger than 2.0 in Sports Libre. I had to obtain 8 upgrade signatures last year to qualify. So I can now start work on the engine upgrade, increasing the capacity to 2.1 litres.
Friday 4th February 2005
Theres a 1600 Zetec powered Mk1 Fiesta for sale on Ebay at the moment. Hope it goes to a good home.
Fiesta 1600 Zetec
Wednesday 2nd February 2005
I've written a page explaining all the development thats gone in to the suspension on my Fiesta. See the menu on the left or click the link below.
Suspension setup guide