January 2005

Sunday 30th January 2005
I've uploaded some more hires pictures, from 3 Sisters in August 2004. They're in the picture gallery.
Hi Res picture gallery
Tuesday 18th January 2005
Made the round trip to Quaife in Sevenoaks (Kent) today. The gearbox is having a full rebuild done to it. Fourth gear is being altered to move the ratios closer together, and the final drive is being replaced. She'll pull 48MPH in 1st gear, 111 in 4th, and 130 in 5th if I run with the Yokohama tyres, which are slightly taller than the Michelin slicks. Should get the box back (all being well) in a few weeks. I'm not sure what she'll handle like at 130MPH, but it'll be fun finding out. Thanks to Dale and the staff at Quaife for sorting everything out at such short notice.

The suspension is also being overhauled, and I should have that back soon. The broken tie bar is being repaired, and both arms are going to have additional strengthening to prevent the fractures from re-occuring. They'll both have larger rod ends installed too, as I kept bending the M10's.
Monday 17th January 2005
I removed the engine and gearbox today. There is some oil contamination of the clutch, so I'll replace the crank shaft oil seal and the clutch whilst I've got the opportunity. The gearbox is going back to Quaife tomorrow for a rebuild and to change the final drive ratio to give the XR2 a top speed of 130MPH. It took me about 4 hours in total to remove the engine, theres so many bits to remove 1st on a front wheel drive car like the Fiesta.

Whilst the box is away, I'll use the time to give the engine bay a good clean. I'll get some items re-powder coated too, as they've become scuffed, chipped with use etc. I need to keep her looking her best.

Engine and box removed safely My 2.0 Zetec Oily flywheel and clutch Quaife box ready for its trip to Sevenoaks
Thursday 6th January 2005
I've now decided what events I'll be doing in 2005. The calendar is somewhat quieter than previous years, but I'll be concentrating on developing the car again this year, with more time spent on setup etc. Last year I struggled to do 16 events, and it really was quite a strain on resources. This year I'll be taking it a little easier, though there'll still be trips to Shelsley and Donington, with lots more exciting video footage too. Can I continue to set new personal bests at each track? Weather permitting, I hope so.