February 2006

Tuesday 28th February 2006
Collected an Argoshield bottle from BOC today so I could weld my bracket on to the pedal box, which I managed to do this afernoon. The Audi A6 failed the MOT yesterday. A rear brake caliper suddenly leaked fluid when they pressed the brake pedal down, and the garage owner thought it was a aluminium washer that is fitted to the banjo bolt on the end of the hose. Common problem apparently. So I ordered two new hoses and banjo bolts from Audi for £31 and will fit them and bleed the brakes tomorrow. Supposed to be working on the Fiesta this week, but the Audi has other plans.
Sunday 12th February 2006
I'm fabricating a bracket which will sit on top of the new pedal box, allowing the box to fasten to the U bracket that the old pedal box fixed to. The new bracket will be welded to the the pedal box. I need to get some Argoshield for the MIG.
Thursday 9th February 2006
My entry to Cadwell in June has been accepted.
Sunday 5th February 2006
Removed all of the old braking system today. Thats the old TAS bias assembly, brake fluid reservoirs, and brackets. Theres a huge space in the engine bay now. I'm going to feed both the new brake cylinders from one reservoir instead of two. Doesn't need two, and two means extra weight afterall. I've ordered some M8 stainless fasteners from www.rswww.com, together with washers and nyloc nuts. When they come in, I'll fit the pedal box and plumb all the lines back in.
Engine bay looking even emptier Engine bay looking even emptier Engine bay looking even emptier Engine bay looking even emptier
Friday 3rd February 2006
The pedal box is almost finished. It's now mounted to the bulkhead using four M8x1.25 bolts, I just need to make a bracket to support it from above. Too cold outside to spend a lot of time in the garage. Must be below freezing.