January 2006

Sunday 29th January 2006
I removed the XR2 pedal assembly and transfer bar today, so I can work out how best to fix the new pedal assembly in place of the old one. I'll add up the weight saved when all the old parts are removed.
Pedal assembly removed Escort Mk2 pedal assembly Escort Mk2 pedal assembly
Tuesday 24th January 2006
Throttle bodies arrived today. They're the K5 type, which means that there are two pairs of throttle bodies joined together. The older K2 and K3 style GSXR bodies are made up from individual throttle bodies, and these are more desirable, depending on the application.
Suzuki GSXR 1000 42mm throttle bodies
Saturday 21st January 2006
Today I bought a set of GSXR 1000 42mm throttle bodies off EBAY. These will be used on the new engine I'm building. I'm going to increase the capacity from 2.0 to 2.1 by keeping the standard crank, and running steel rods and Vauxhall pistons. The throttle bodies will be fitted to the new cylinder head, which is also currently being worked on. The reason for fitting bike throttle bodies is that they are lighter, and shorter than the Jenveys, which will allow me to fit an air box and some decent length air-horns between the engine and the bulkhead. The 2.1 engine, with cams, should produce in the region of 230BHP at around 8500-9000 rpm. Its about time I installed a unit with a bit more power. After all, the chassis is working properly, so it should be able to cope with some extra BHP. Better get a move on with the new brake pedal box.

The Mondeo now has 4000 miles on the clock, and a few stone chips, including one on the windscreen, right in the middle of my field of view. Nuts!
Thursday 12th January 2006
I've tried to revamp the website a little. I've changed the first half dozen pages, and I think I like the style now. I'll apply the template to all the remaining pages so that everything looks consistent with the new design.

I can now supply Escort 1.8 Zetec water pumps, for those of you converting a 2.0 for use with a triangulated drive belt, for use in a kit car for example. Email me for details of postage costs etc.
Sunday 8th January 2006
I've decided to do something about improving the brakes in the Fiesta. They've never really given me the confidence to stamp on the pedal and expect the car to stop quite as quickly as I'd like. Of course, when you're attacking a sprint or a hillclimb, with brakes that aren't working at their optimum, this means you have to lift off earlier when approaching a corner than is ideal. This may reward me with a smooth lap, but its certainly not the quickest way to get around a track. A fellow XR2 owner off of www.xrtwo.com has bought a Mk2 Escort pedal box from Rally Design, so I've done the same. It allows for a cable clutch, and replaces all three pedals with a brand new assembly. In turn, I'll remove the existing pedals/box, as well as the brake transfer bar which runs across the bulkhead, and the TAS bias assembly which I'd mounted on the original servo brackets, which will also go. The setup should be lighter than before, should improve the pedal feel, and should make sure that the car stops when I stomp on the middle pedal. I need to do some more plumbing to redirect the brake lines, but this shouldn't prove too difficult to do. After all, I've done it once before...
Rally Design pedal box
Sunday 1st January 2006
I took part in an Auto-Solo event today at Melton Mowbray. It was just a fun event put on by my local car club, but even so, it was quite competitive and I managed to have a play in the Mondeo on an old airfield. I ran a 44.9s lap which was my quickest. I found that not using the handbrake to skid the car round corners proved far quicker than zooming in to a bend and yanking on the hand brake. Great fun, and I wasn't the slowest, I came 6th overall and 2nd in class.