June 2006

Sunday 25th June 2006
Photos from Cadwell are now on line. Thanks to Gary Thomas for the pictures of my Fiesta in action.
Cadwell Park, June 2006 Cadwell Park, June 2006 Cadwell Park, June 2006 Cadwell Park, June 2006 Cadwell Park, June 2006 Cadwell Park, June 2006 Cadwell Park, June 2006 Cadwell Park, June 2006 Cadwell Park, June 2006 Cadwell Park, June 2006 Cadwell Park, June 2006 Cadwell Park, June 2006 Cadwell Park, June 2006
Tuesday 20th June 2006
Cadwell was amazing, and represented really good value for money. We had a convoy run, two practice runs, and three timed runs, which equalled 12 miles! I'd been suffering from a really bad back during the week leading up to the event. Following physiotherapy it turned out to be a damaged nerve in my right shoulder, and the day before the Cadwell event I had my shoulder taped up, which relieved the pain.

Arriving at 7:15, I parked up and went about getting scrutineered. That passed without a hitch, and once signed on, I took part in a convoy run, and then we had two practice runs before lunch. After lunch I recorded a 104.51 second run, which placed me in 16th overall (from 97 cars). On my second timed run I went 3/10ths slower after I managed to plant two wheels on the grass on the exit of the final chicane. At this point my shoulder was starting to hurt again, so I called it a day. Quite a few people stayed for the third timed runs, and went quicker, which dropped me down in the 22nd overall. Still, only the first two timed runs count anyway, so I was pleased with the 16th overall. I was also the fastest front wheel drive car. The new JXD video recorder is so much more user friendly than the Mustek. The footage is great. Here is a clip of my fastest (first) timed run.
Fastest timed run, 104.51seconds

Saturday 17th June 2006
Provisional results from Cadwell today show I came 16th overall with a 1m44.51s run.
Monday 12th June 2006
Here are the pictures of the new throttle bodies based on the GSXR units. Not a bad job. I've yet to fit it to the Zetec to see how much space I have for the airbox etc. Just need to find a convenient time. Also I've included pictures of the new JXD video recorder. I've now hooked it up to the camera, and the picture quaility looks great. I'll test it out at Cadwell at the weekend.

I've started work on my front splitter. The intention is to reduce the drag coefficient of the front of the Fiesta, and to try to produce some form of ground affect. I've made a copy of the shape of the existing spoiler. This will be sandwiched to a larger board, which will form the splitter itself. I'll probably use a large block of polystyrene as the filling, as its lightweight and easy to shape.
GSXR throttle bodies GSXR throttle bodies GSXR throttle bodies JXD video recorder JXD video recorder JXD video recorder Splitter prototype
Monday 5th June 2006
I've scanned in the results from MIRA.
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Thursday 1st June 2006
I came 18th overall at MIRA, beating all the Westfields bar one, both of the Lotus Elise, all the other front wheel drive cars, and all but one of the Ferrari's. I even beat the short wheel base Audi Quattro S1. Nice. Just the single seaters to beat (not)

The new JXD video recorder has turned up. I bought it on Ebay. I'll post a review as soon as I've got it wired up. Looks promising though. Records at 320x240 resolution, and is smaller and lighter than the Mustek PVR_A1.

I'm selling both my Mustek PVR-A1 recorders on Ebay, as non-working pair.