March 2006

Tuesday 21st March 2006
Chris at RPV is making a bush for the clutch pedal. Should get it by the weekend so I can fit the pedal box and start on the plumbing. Chris showed me the inlet manifold for the bike throttle bodies, and its looking good. I also had a look at the cylinder head, and the new valves, and its all taking shape very nicely.
Saturday 18th March 2006
Welded the clutch pedal today. I now need to find either some 16mm -> 12.7mm reducing bushes for the pedal to fit on the 0.5" (12.7mm) pedal shaft. The regs arrived for Shelsley Walsh and MIRA today. They included an entry form order form, which means you have to send an order back to MAC for them to send you back the entry forms. Unusual approach to saving paper I guess, we'll soon see if it works.
My Mondeo now has almost 10,000 miles on the clock (in just four months). It still goes like a train, but the front tyres are starting to look a little worn.Grin
Thursday 2nd March 2006
I've made a few more mods to the pedal box. First was to remove the pedal stops for the Rally Design pedal box, as these would have got in the way of the Fiesta pedal. Second was to remove the Ford Fiesta pedal stop bracket from a Fiesta pedal box, by drilling the spot welds out, so I can weld it in to place on the Rally Design pedal box. Third was to cut the Rally Design clutch pedal in two, and do the same to a Fiesta pedal, and then join the two halves together. This allows me to retain the Fiesta clutch ratchet mechanism. I will weld the two halves of the pedals together tomorrow. Next problem is to make a bush so that the Fiesta pedal ratchet mechanism fits on the Rally Design pedal box. Should be quite straight forwards. I'll use the shaft from the Fiesta pedal box, and drill out the centre to 12.7mm to accept the shaft from the Rally Design pedal box.

Original Fiesta brake/clutch pedal assembly Pedal stop bracket removed from original assembly, sits on the new pedal box Modified clutch pedal, half original, half Rally Design Modified clutch pedal, half original, half Rally Design
Wednesday 1st March 2006
I rigged up a vacuum pump today to suck all the remaining brake fluid from the brake pipes in the car. I have to seperate some of the pipes and dont want to risk spilling fluid on the paint work, so the vacuum pump seemed an ideal way to do it.

Vacuum pump emptying the fluid from the system Vacuum pump emptying the fluid from the system