May 2006

Saturday 27th May 2006
3rd in class today, at a very wet MIRA. I nearly beat my PB from 2004 on my 1st practice run, but it then started raining and never really stopped all day. I had fun though, finishing just 1.07 seconds behind the class winning Caterham 7 Hyabusa in the wet. I recorded a 59.18s with a 3.04 64ft time, and 97MPH through the speed trap. As it was a merged class, I came 1st in 4B, which adds 20.5 points to my tally. Excellent. Now if only I had one more run, I'm sure I could have gone quicker than the Caterham.
Wednesday 24th May 2006
I've had another tinker with the DTA ECU Map. I thought I'd cracked the cold start problem, but at Shelsley she was just as reluctant to start. So I've had another look at the air temperature compensation and water temperature compensation tables, and they were all over the place. So I've set them all to Zero, and uploaded the map tonight, and low and behold, the engine snapped in to life at the first push of the starter button. The real test will be on Saturday morning at MIRA. Its as if she has pre-race nerves. Fingers crossed I've cracked it now.

I collected the GSXR throttle bodies and inlet manifold today. They look great. I'll try to fit them next week to see how much room I'll have to fit trumpets and hopefully an airbox too.

I'm car 76 on Saturday at MIRA. Only 3 of us in Sports Libre, so I stand a good chance of finishing well in class.

The Mustek PVR-A1 gave up on me at Shelsley. Thats the third one I've managed to shake to pieces. I'm now trying to get hold of something cheaper. JDX seem to make a nice looking range of solid state video recorders. I'll order one and publish the results.

Found a great website, featuring Mk1 Fiestas. Well worth a look.
 DTA ECU Map for 2.0 Zetec on Jenvey TBP45mm throttle bodies
Thursday 18th May 2006
I came 6th in class on Sunday, beating 3 of the Ford GT40s, by several seconds.
Wednesday 17th May 2006
Here are some of the pictures that I took at Shelsley Walsh on Sunday May 14th 2006
Shelsley Walsh May 14th 2006 Shelsley Walsh May 14th 2006 Shelsley Walsh May 14th 2006 Shelsley Walsh May 14th 2006 Shelsley Walsh May 14th 2006 Shelsley Walsh May 14th 2006 Shelsley Walsh May 14th 2006 Shelsley Walsh May 14th 2006 Shelsley Walsh May 14th 2006 Shelsley Walsh May 14th 2006 Shelsley Walsh May 14th 2006
Tuesday 16th May 2006
Sundays sponsors writeup is now ready for download.
Sunday 14th May 2006
Had a fantastic day at Shelsley Walsh today. I set off on the journey to Shelsley at 5:45AM, and the nearer I got to the hill the wetter and foggier it became. After unloading, I tried to park the tow car and trailer across the road in the field where all the other tow cars park, and torrential rain overnight had turned the field in to a bog. If it rained during the day, it would be impossible to get out from. The first practice run (batch 2), the track was absolutely awful. No grip at all. So much so that I had to wait for over 30 minutes, whilst the recovery crews collected an Alfa Romeo that had rolled at the Top S. When I set off on my first ascent, I was amazed at the lack of grip. Its an awful place when the track is damp.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, it stayed dry and gradually the track dried, and my first timed run after lunch I was a second off my PB from last year. So I really went for it on my 2nd run, and I shaved 0.15s off my PB to record a 36.45s run. The Fiesta is now running better than ever. The brakes are fantastic, and I'm getting to within a second of Laurence Bonds Vauxhall Nova, and thats quite an achievement in my book. A great day, excellent fun. The next event is MIRA in a fortnights time. I just have to wash the car, there's nothing else to do.
Saturday 13th May 2006
Everything is ready for tomorrow. Washed the cars, packed everything, filled the Fiesta with petrol. Just hope its nice weather tomorrow.
Thursday 11th May 2006
The car is almost ready for Sundays first outing of the year. The weather forecast isn't great, so I've fitted the windscreen wiper back on. I'm toying with an idea of saving more weight, by replacing the Fiesta windscreen wiper motor and mechanism, with a rear wiper motor. According to another XR2 owner on, the Scirocco rear wiper motor can be used. I'll try to get hold of a second hand motor and see if it can be done. BTW, also has a fantastic forum... The forum
Sunday 7th May 2006
Plumbed in the pressure regulator. I just need to bleed the rear brakes to complete the job.
Varley Red Top battery Pressure regulator
Saturday 6th May 2006
Well, the new battery certainly has enough power to start the engine, despite its small size. I'm very impressed. I first cranked the engine over to get oil pressure, then flicked the ignition on and pushed the starter, and after a few seconds the engine burst in to life. I then left it running for 15mins to recharge the battery. I thought I'd have to use a booster battery to get her started, but no, the little Varley Red Top 15 has more than enough energy to get the engine running, even from cold.

Here is the latest DTA E48 ECU map that I'm using. It has a new cold start map incorporated, which I took from one of the samples supplied with the ECU.

The XR2 is off the trailer, ready for the Willwood pressure regulator to be fitted. I'll also realign the steering as the wheel isn't straight when I'm running in a straight line.
Friday 5th May 2006
Finished wiring in the new battery. I'll test the cranking power in the morning. I'll take the car off the trailer tomorrow too, so I can drain the fluid from the rear brakes and fit the Willwood pressure regulator.
Thursday 4th May 2006
The new battery is just over 10Kg lighter than the one I've replaced. And the new brakes have saved a further 4Kg, giving a total saving of 14Kg's (30lb). Wow. That alone should make a difference on the hillclimbs and sprints I'm competing at this year. The car now weighs approx 715Kg (without the driver) and thats with a full fuel tank. With a smaller fuel cell, and plastic windscreen, I'm sure I can get her under 700Kg's.
Wednesday 3rd May 2006
Bought a Willwood brake pressure regulator and a Varley Red Top 15 battery, which will reduce the weight of the car further. I'll fit them at the weekend.