November 2006

Saturday 25th November 2006
I've bought an original Kamei front spoiler for the Fiesta. I want to lower the front spoiler closer to the ground, to help the aerodynamics. I'll see if the Kamei spoiler can be modified to fit with the existing MC Rallying arches. I've a lot of new and unused spares from the garage for sale on Ebay at the moment. Several end tonight, and the remainder end tomorrow evening.

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Thursday 16th November 2006
I got the job. It is a higher grade, I keep the company car, and there's a relocation package and pay rise. Means another step up the ladder as the new job is more senior and can be seen as a promotion. Excellent. I may be racing next year afterall. We'll have to wait and see.

Sunday 12th November 2006
I had another interview last week, on Tuesday for a totally different role. I'd be able to do the job, no question, however I'm being pressured in to working at a site miles away from where I live, and again, they need to talk to me about a relocation package as I cant afford to travel without opting for a fuel card which attracts quite a heavy tax penalty. I'll find out this week if I've a job or not. Nerve racking stuff.

Saturday 4th November 2006
I didn't get the Service Delivery Manager job I was interviewed for. I hadn't heard anything for a week then out of the blue I was asked to attend an interview for the second of the two jobs I'd applied for, which reading between the lines meant of course that I'd been turned down. Nice of HR to break it to me like that wasn't it? I'm travelling down to Crawley on Tuesday for the next interview and if I dont get that, I'll have to start looking elsewhere for employment. I'm on three months notice, so at least I get to use the car for a while longer before it gets taken off of me.