October 2006

Sunday 29th October 2006
Nothing much to report on the job front. Had an interview last week for another service delivery manager role with the company I already work for. Other external candidates were apparently also being interviewed last week. I'm still not clear how someone can be told they're at risk, when there are vacancies for the same job within the business. Surely a company can't recruit externally either, when there are staff already in that job role who are told that they are at risk of redundancy? HR works in mysterious ways.

I've bought a second hand Sony PSP from a guy at work, and I'm extremely impressed. Its quite different to my last handheld, a Gameboy Advance. The screen is a million times better on the PSP, and the games are amazing. Something to while away the hours whilst I wait for news on the job front. I'm playing LocoRoco at the moment. A great game. The wireless connection was childs play to setup, and the web browser works quite well. I've also ordered a Nintendo Wii for Christmas. Released early December, I'm hoping I get mine in time for the festive holidays.

The New Mondeo was serviced last Monday. She now has 26,500 on the clock, and I still haven't owned her for a year.
Friday 13th October 2006
Sorry for the lack of recent updates. I've been away on annual leave, and since I got back I found that my role of Service Delivery Manager was put at risk, and I had to apply for a new Regional Managers role (which would have meant more travel but less responsibility). I was interviewed yesterday morning, and I found out last night that I wasn't successful. The 5 vacancies were filled by non-technical staff, therefore I can only think the reason I failed was because I'm too much of a techie, and that the business has some other role in mind for me. However at the moment the outlook seems rather bleak. I'll be on 3 months notice once all the possibilities have been exhausted, and theres a consultation meeting on Monday to see what other roles are available. I'm not hopeful, as the roles I've been told about I'm either not qualified to do or they dont interest me. I'll go along on Monday with an open mind, but I still have to apply for whatever roles are available, and I could still of course get turned down.

Still, I'll keep my chin up, and continue in my present SDM role with the same levels of enthusiasm that I've sustained for the last 18 months, and I'll update the site when I have further information. In the mean time, if you want a highly motivated, loyal, mature, dedicated individual, with experience of managing 30 staff for the last 18 months, used to working in a customer facing role, with a total of 21 years experience of IT, and willing to travel (I'd covered 37,000 miles in the last 18 months) then please drop me a line. (email address is on the home page)