August 2007

Sunday 12th August 2007
The Retro Rides show was unusually quiet yesterday, with around 300 cars on show. A fair few took to the track for a go at the sprint course, and at lunchtime Kevin demonstrated his bike engined Imp. I'm so tempted to get a Z-Cars Mini Monte Carlo, now I've had a closer look at Kevins car. Bike engines are definitely the way to go.
Retro Rides 07

Friday 10th August 2007
I've been asked to show the XR2 at the Retro Rides show at Mallory Park. So I'll be on the RR stand tomorrow, Saturday, and may have a go at the sprint too.

Saturday 04th August 2007
I've applied around 4 coats of Kantstick to the sunroof. It smells like wooden floor polish from school. Quite toxic too according to the blurb on the tin. A few more coats, and the sunroof will be ready for me to apply the gelcoat.

Its the Retro Rides show at Mallory Park next weekend, and John Beardmore is going to be there with the Minor. I'll be there on Saturday as a spectator. Hope the sun shines.