February 2007

Friday 16th February 2007
My Audi A6 has developed a misfire when cold, so I took the plug leads off today to check for problems. Sure enough one of the leads has perished, so I went to the Audi dealership for a price and they quoted £180 including VAT. I've since sourced a set from another supplier for £52 + VAT, which I'll collect today. There's no way I'm paying £180 for a set of six plug leads.

I've bought a Tomtom Go 710 SatNav device for the car. Works quite well. I've also bought a TMC receiver cable which I just cant get the Tomtom to work with. The screen shows that the TMC cable is attached, but it doesn't seem to be able to find a signal. I've updated the firmware in the Tomtom, but its made no difference. I'll keep trying, but I suspect that the Tomtom TMC feature isn't working as advertised.