March 2007

Sunday 4th March 2007
MOT'd the Audi yesterday, and she sailed through. Still no issues with the emissions, despite the 104K on the clock. I'll have to stick some new tyres on the front soon, which will be a good reason to ditch the Pirellis which just dont seem to grip in the wet. For permanent four wheel drive, she doesn't inspire any confidence in the wet, which I'm sure is down to the Pirelli's. Its about time I fitted new shock absorbers and springs though, which will also help.

Regs are starting to appear for events for the 2007 season. I've had a set arrive for Cadwell in the Spring, but at £135, no thank you.

The TomTom TMC aerial does work. But only on the M40 in Oxfordshire. Not that useful afterall.