January 2008

Wednesday 23rd January 2008
I've started ordering parts for the new engine. I'm sticking with the Zetec-E Series 2, but I'm using the Series 3 Rods and Pistons, which as long as you dont mix and match (S2 rods with S3 pistons and vice versa), they'll fit inside the S2 engine.

So taking advantage of the weak dollar at the moment, I've bought a set of Ford Focus Zetec Eagle "ESP" 3-D H Beam connecting rods, and JE 10.5:1 Ford Zetec 2.0 DOHC 85mm Pistons, and these should be with me in 3-4 weeks time. Total price is $877, which comes out at around £450. When you compare this cost with the price for UK equivalents (eg Farndon Rods and Accralite Pistons), you'd be looking at £700 + £640, or around £1340 + TAXES. I'm building the engine on the cheap, so this is the most cost effective way of adding steel rods, and lightweight pistons.

My MSA 2008 competition license has arrived. It is a Speed National A, which allows me to run an engine greater than 2000cc in Sports Libre.
Tuesday 15th January 2008
Here are my Autosport photographs
Autosport show 2008

Thursday 10th January 2008
I went to the Autosport Show at the Birmingham NEC today. Great show, took me about 3 hours to walk around the whole place. I bumped in to Phil Short, and also spotted Tim Sugden (Ex-BTCC). I spoke to various companies about dry sump kits, Zetec parts etc, and had a good time generally. Its a great way to kick start your season. Very inspirational. [Pictures to follow]
Wednesday 2nd January 2008
I've uploaded some new videos to youtube, taken at Shelsley Walsh, Curborough and 3 Sisters in 2004.
Click the following link: My Youtube videos