October 2008

Thursday 23rd October 2008
With the gearbox bracket finished, I've taken the trolley out from underneath the engine, so the chassis is now supporting the weight of the Duratec engine and IB5 box, and more importantly my gearbox bracket seems to cope with the weight.
Chassis takes the strain Chassis takes the strain Chassis takes the strain Chassis takes the strain

Wednesday 22nd October 2008
Completed the gearbox support bracket tonight. Tomorrow evening I'll bolt everything together, and let the chassis take the weight of the engine and box for the first time.

My new Subaru Legacy Sports Tourer arrived last Friday with 5 miles on the clock. Its the RE 2.0 Diesel, in Diamond Grey with black leather trim, and I'm now running it in very carefully. I've a new piece of contract work which involves a fair amount of travel, so the Subaru should make for a very comfortable ride.
Legacy Sports Tourer Legacy Sports Tourer Legacy Sports Tourer Legacy Sports Tourer Legacy Sports Tourer

Friday 17th October 2008
The carbon bonnet arrived today from Performance Trim. Looks good, fits nicely, seems quite flexible and I'm hoping that it doesn't bow too much at high speed.
Carbon bonnet Carbon bonnet Carbon bonnet Carbon bonnet Carbon bonnet

Wednesday 15th October 2008
I've decided to use the Cosworth alternator mounting brackets for the Duratec. Their kit includes a belt tensioner, two brackets for the alternator, a pulley and a drive belt. I've acquired a bottom mount (thanks to AdamB) and just need the top mount, tensioner, belt and pulley, all of which are available from Burton Power.

Cosworth Alternator mounting setup
Cosworth Alternator mounting setup

Monday 13th October 2008
I've almost completed the gearbox mounting bracket. I just need to brace the horizontal piece to stop it from flexing, and get it powder coated, and its finished.
Gearbox mounting Gearbox mounting Gearbox mounting
Friday 10th October 2008
Pictures of the first part of the gearbox mount are shown below. I'm planning on making an upright plate which will bolt to the inner wing where the XR2 gearbox bracket used to mount, and welding the two plates together with reinforcement. This will allow the plate to be removable, and saved me having to weld anything to the inner wing and ruining the paintwork.

Gearbox mounting Gearbox mounting Gearbox mounting
Wednesday 8th October 2008
The M-Sport gearbox mount arrived today, and the 3mm steel sheet I ordered from Ebay also arrived, so I've started work on the bracket that will support the gearbox via the new mount. Photos later.
Gearbox mounting Gearbox mounting
Friday 3rd October 2008
You may remember that a group of us from XRTWO.COM placed an order with Performance Trim in May for five Carbon Fibre bonnets for the Mk1 Fiesta. Well, today is October the 3rd and there is still no sign nor any news of the whereabouts of the bonnets, which is very disappointing. I've given the company until October 17th to produce and deliver all five bonnets, or the order will be cancelled. Very poor.