January 2009

Friday 30th January 2009
Paul Dolan at CoordSport is sorting out a tensioner pulley for the Duratec engine. This device will tension the alternator drive belt. Pics when it arives next week. Coordsport are agents for Ford Motorsport parts so if you need anything for your Ford, give them a call.

I've ordered the radiator today from Radtec. Its going to be 260mm tall x 660mm wide, with a 40mm core and 50mm headers. The radiator will also be supplied with two 9" cooling fans, and is has a polished finish. Delivery in 2-3 weeks time. Quite an expensive purchase, but its lightweight, and should look very professional once installed.
Wednesday 28th January 2009
Fitted the pedal box this evening. Also removed various brackets from the front bulkhead, using the spotweld drill, to save some more weight. Bought a fluid reservoir and drop pipe kit from Rally Design, which arrived this morning. This is the 3rd reservoir, for the clutch master cylinder. I've emailed M-Sport to see if they have any guidelines for plumbing the clutch slave in.

The XRTWO.COM Forums seem to have disappeared. I hope they're not gone forever! Looks to me like an SQL database corruption error.
Sunday 25th January 2009
Pedal box is all assembled and ready to go on the car. Very pleased with the results. Simply needs the throttle pedal and return spring fitted. Just need to work out now how I take the fluid from the clutch cylinder to the clutch on the gearbox, as the pipe doesn't appear to screw in to the gearbox, I believe it uses a plastic pipe that pushes in.

Pedal box Pedal box Pedal box Pedal box Pedal box

Friday 23rd January 2009
I collected the pedal box today, so with luck I should have it fitted this weeked. I'm talking to Radtec about the radiator. Its going to be 260mm tall by 660mm wide, with a 50mm core. Both the inlet and outlet will be on the same end, and it will have two cooling fans mounted on the back. I've also ordered a Raceline alternator mounting bracket, which should be with me next week. This allows the alternator to mount on the inlet side of the engine, beneath the throttle bodies. I've removed the pulley from the stock Ford Fiesta ST150 alternator to see if it could be used on the rear (exhaust side) but even with the pulley absent, the alternator shaft hits the bodywork, so thats a no then. Next week I'll order the radiator, which should take around 15 days to be manufactured.

Engine ID I think I've now found out what all the pipes and wires are on the inlet side of the Duratec engine. If you think these descriptions are incorrect, let me know.

Saturday 17th January 2009
Quaife wont have a sequential box available until April / May this year, which means that I've a few months to save up for one. I'll go for the same ratios that I have in the BC gearbox, as I'm more than happy with the acceleration. I'm going to collect the pedal box on Monday, so I can get that plumbed in. Tilton are bringing out a new 3 chamber plastic reservoir (72-577) for the front/rear/clutch master cylinders. They already have billet aluminium versions (P/N 72-570 and P/N 72-575), but they're about $700.. The nylon version should be around $140, so I'm keeping my eye out for one when its released. Check Page 39 of their latest Tilton 2009 catalog to see pictures and measurements.
Sunday 11th January 2009
The Autosport show was as busy as ever. I stayed to see the Live Action in the afternoon, and rather wished I'd taken some ear plugs. It wasn't the cars that were loud, though the F1 Stock Cars were as vocal as ever, it was the loud music the organisers decided to play at full volume to drown out the sounds of the cars that spoilt things.

On the Quaife stand, back inside the main hall, I spotted their brand new Sequential IB5 gearbox! Hallelujah, a sequential FWD gearbox rated to take the sort of power that I'm aiming for with the Duratec. It's a five speed box, which accepts the standard LSD, and has a series of gear ratios available. They kept this very quiet, and its only their new catalog that mentions the box.

I also spoke to Stuart at Titan Motorsport, and they are going to supply me with one of Titans billet fuel rails, and some stickers for the car. The Ford fuel rail only has a fitting on one end, and I need one on both, for the fuel injection system to have a return loop. The Titan fitting has connectors on both ends, and is anodised with a black finish.
Quaife IB5 sequential box

Quaife IB5 sequential box

Quaife 2009 catalogueDownload the Quaife 2009 catalogue here , page 35.

I've fitted the Parrot Bluetooth CK3100 handsfree kit in the Scooby this week, and also dropped the pedal box off to be painted. That'll be ready for collection this coming Friday.
Sunday 4th January 2009
This weeks objectives: Take the new pedal box and pedals, and both engine mounts to be shotblasted ready for powder coating. Measure the size of radiator required to cool the Duratec. Establish the price of rebuilding the Duratec engine. Speak to Quaife about rebuilding the IB5 gearbox.