March 2009

Friday 27th March 2009
I'm pleased to announce that are supplying a DTA S80Pro for the Fiesta. This ECU is far more sophisticated than the existing E48EXP, and it provides full time traction control (using all four wheels to monitor slip), launch control, flat shifts, and 16MB of internal memory for data logging and fault diagnosis. It even has a self calibration feature, which could be fun.

The S80 should be arriving on Monday, and I intend to completely rewire the car to IP67 standards, which should take around 30-40 hours to complete. I'll probably take a week off work so I can concentrate on the job.

Nick Algar runs, and he is a front running contender in the British Sprint Championship, driving a Gould single seater. Thanks to Nick I can now run an S80, and I'm sure we can make the best use of all the technology at our disposal. I intend to interface the Race Technology DL1 and Dash2 that I upgraded last year, to the S80, so that the Dash2 displays the engine RPM, gear position etc.
Thursday 26th March 2009
I've finished fitting the radiator. I've used ally plate with M6 fasteners, and a pair of M5 fasteners to hold the front grill in place. I used an orbital sander to clean the ally plates, prior to polishing, again using the orbital sander, after replacing the sandpaper with paper and using Solvol Autosol polish.
Engine bay shots Engine bay shots Engine bay shots
Engine bay shots

I've fitted the Titans back on to check that the clearance is still ok, which it is, and I've replaced the rear engine stabiliser bar with one I made from a length of 25mm aluminium bar. I've two more stabilisers to make, to keep the engine from moving, and both these bars will be located at the base of the engine/gearbox.
Engine bay shots Engine bay shots Engine bay shots Engine bay shots
Engine bay shots

Friday 20th March 2009
I've ordered the sequential gearbox from Quaife this week, but they're experiencing design problems with the position of the gear linkage, which has pushed the delivery date back another 3-4 months. Apparently the linkage interferes with the suspension on the late Fiesta. So I'm just going to have to concentrate on getting everything else finished in the mean time. I've fabricated alloy plates to hold the radiator in place. The plates need a caustic soda dip and a quick polish to make them look A1. I'm upgrading the DTA ECU from the E48 to the S80 model, which will allow flat shifts with the sequential box, and full time traction control, which is going to be very useful in the wet.

In the mean time, take a look at this video for a taste of sequential action
Cosworth Hillclimber

Sunday 15th March 2009
We had a fantastic afternoon at Hednesford Raceway today, watching the Historic Hot Rods (Escorts, Minis, Anglias and Chevettes), The Legends, and of course, some great Banger Racing too. The Hot Rods looked brilliant, and watching them zoom round the track brought memories back of seeing them the first time round in the late 70s/early 80s. A great afternoons motorsport. The Escorts were running 9" slicks on 13" Image rims, and really looked and sounded the part with their original Pinto engines and straight cut gearboxes screaming round the circuit.

And I've made a major breakthrough in the garage. I've managed to fit the Daihatsu Chirade (Brise) 49A alternator on the front of the block, and I have clearance for the radiator, which I can fit in the centre of the car, and the starter motor too.
Saturday 14th March 2009
Its the Race Retro show at Stoneleigh this weekend, and there's also some Hot Rod racing at Hednesford on Sunday, which I'm going to go and watch, as there are some cars off the TurboSport forums that are going to be there.

Its been quite a week for me. I'm working as an ICT Consultant, and I'm identifying areas where we can reduce IT Operating Costs. I made a proposal this week that should reduce my customers costs by around £400,000 per annum. I'm expecting to make further proposals later in the month that should save approximately the same amount again. I'm quite enjoying the Contractors life at the moment.

I've put a Parts for sale page together, to clear some space in the garage. I'm selling my Quaife box, the Compomotive wheels, and various other new and used bits. Email me if you are interested.

I intend to get the radiator plumbed in this month, as well as get the car ready for an exhaust system to be made.
Saturday 7th March 2009
I may have bitten off more than I can chew, with this front alternator. I've fitted it to the Raceline bracket, and fitted both to the engine, but I dont have any clearance between the chassis rail and the alternator, without swinging the engine back, which then brings the throttle bodies downwards, which means that they'll hit the radiator. No. I'm going to have to go back to the drawing board, and look at fitting the alternator on the rear of the engine instead, beneath the exhaust manifold.
Suzuki Samurai alternator Suzuki Samurai alternator Suzuki Samurai alternator
Thursday 5th March 2009
I've found the right alternator, finally. It is the same unit that Brise and Raceline sells, for only £79 + VAT + P&P. Its the same as a Suzuki Samurai unit, and is part number ALT5021, available from

And I've finished the Dealer Guide. Available to download from the New Ford Fiesta page, in PDF format.