October 2009

Friday 30th October 2009
Crimped connectors on various wires last night, so connect up the starter solenoid, alternator control wires, and the main battery feed to the alternator/starter motor. I'll post more pictures tonight to show the progress.

The rear axle is 80% complete, and I should get it all back at the end of next week. Just waiting for some powder coating and anodising to be completed.

Alternator and starter electrics
Thursday 29th October 2009
Finished the battery cable loom last night. It includes the alternator wires (charge light and regulator), starter cable (25A), and the wires for the radiator fans and the electric water pump. I've sleeved it in Nomex, and used adhesive heatshrink to keep everything tidy. I tested the current that the starter motor solenoid draws, and its between 12.5A and 15.5A, so the cable supplying the solenoid needs to be able to supply that, and a bit more. I'll remember to run it through a fuse too.

I've given up trying to find someone to machine the oil adapter plate from the 2D print. Way too expensive. So I'm going down the CNC route now, just waiting for the drawing files to arrive. The new front suspension is also being finished this week, and as soon as it arrives, I'll get the Fiesta off the Rutland front setup, and fit the new one, so I can determine the drive shaft lenghts and get those ordered.

The regs are out for the Darlington Croft Easter Sprint, April 2010. So I'm going to send in my entry, to spur me on to completing the car. I just hope Quaife can come up with the sequential gearbox in time.
Monday 26th October 2009
I used up nearly all the wire from VWP (Vehicle Wiring Products) last night, running the cables round from the cockpit to the radiator cooling fans. I'll be able to heatshrink them tonight hopefully. I also pop riveted 5 clips in place across the bulkhead, to allow the heavy duty battery cable to be attached securely in place.
Sunday 25th October 2009
I've received the 2D print, for the Duratec oil adapter plate, that Karl at Kustom Engineering (USA) has created for me. I've located a company in Leicester who can machine it for me, so I'll be going to see them on Monday to start the ball rolling.

I've bought some Thinwall wire from Vehicle Wiring Products, so I can connect up the radiator cooling fans, and I've also starter routing the heavy duty battery cable around the engine bay. Despite the Postal Strike in the UK, the cable turned up on Saturday, just two days after I ordered it.
Friday 16th October 2009
I've tapped the threads in the Mocal remote oil filter housing. They were, as I discovered, 1/2 NPT, not BSP, so there wasn't much chance of my -10 BSP adapters fitting. I even tried some 1/2 NPT adapters, but they only screwed in about two turns, and just didn't look right. So I got myself a 1/2 BSP bottom tap from Ebay, and tonight, tapped both ports out, and the adapters now screw all the way in to the Mocal housing, and the rubber O-rings on the adapters actually seat, and so I can now work out the lengths of the Oil hoses. I've also finished off the sandwhich plate, which now sports the oil temperature sender, oil pressure sender, and 1bar low oil pressure switch.

Karl at Kustom Engineering is working on a 3D Solidworks CAD drawing for the cylinder block oil take-off adapter, so I may have a solution soon.
Mocal oil filter housing with -10 fittings
Tuesday 13th October 2009
So here lies the problem with the oil take off plate. I simply dont have enough clearance to safely fit the 90° connectors. There is a possibility that I can maybe get a 90° hose end that has a male 1/2 BSP end, so it would bolt straight to the takeoff plate. I'm currently investigating the options. Failing that what I need is, an adaptor plate that angles the oil inlet/outlet at 90° to the ground. Should be straight forward to have something made, and it could even incorporate an oil pressure take off, as well as take offs for oil temperature. Can any one help? This has got to be preferable to cutting the cross member, and could form part of a Duratec transplant kit for anyone else wanting to do the same as me.

The pics of the Mocal remote oil filter housing, and the sandwich plate that will house the high pressure oil switch, oil temperature sensor, and the Stack oil pressure sensors.
Duratec block oil line clearance issues Duratec block oil line clearance issues Remote oil filter housing Sandwich plate
Sunday 11th October 2009
The Mocal remote filter housing appears to be 1/2 NPT not 1/2 BSP, so I need to get two 1/2 NPT adaptors instead of the BSPs. And I cant get the 90° Swivel-Seals to fit the Eurospeed oil filter plate on the front of the Duratec, as there's insufficient clearance between the -10AN Swivel-Seal connectors and the front cross member. So I have to drop the engine and gearbox out, to cut a section of the cross member away, and weld in some strengthening. And that means taking the exhaust off. Deep joy. Or maybe I could fit Banjos. Or do away with the Eurospeed adaptor altogether, and just get the block tapped...
Thursday 8th October 2009
Drilled and tapped the threads in the sandwich plate last night, to take the oil temperature sensor. I'm re-using the water temperature sensor that came with the Duratec engine. Its an M12x1.5 thread, with an IP67 connector on the rear. It'll connect to the DL1 so I can log and display the oil temperature on the Dash3 display unit.

I've moved the Axis web camera inside the garage, so its pointing at the business end of the car, which is far more interesting to look at than the tailgate/roof.
Wednesday 7th October 2009
Last night I measured up everything that I need to plumb in the oil filter and a 10 row oil cooler, and I've spent some money today with www.Earls.co.uk. I've gone for -10 Swivel-Seal throughout, and I've opted for the Pro-Lite 350 hose, as its far lighter and much more flexible than the stainless steel overbraided hose I had before. The cooler will be positioned beneath the front spoiler, so its sits just above the bottom of the sump, and isn't therefore the lowest point on the car. Delivery may be tomorrow (Thurs) or Friday.
Many thanks again to Earls for the excellent service.
2 x -10AN 90 degree forged Swivel-Seal
2 x -10AN to 1/2" NPT Male/Male adaptor (for the Mocal filter housing)
3M of Pro-lite 350 Hose
4 x -10AN 90 degree tube swivel-seal
1 x 10 row oil cooler, wide
2 x -10AN cooler adapter
I'm also looking at buying a solid state battery isolator, but am hearing mixed results, stories of them randomly resetting, which must be symptomatic of poor wiring. Any feedback welcomed.
Monday 5th October 2009
I fitted the remote oil filter housing to the car this evening. It positions the oil filter as low down as I can get it, in front of the gearbox, and I now need to plumb it in, together with an oil cooler. I bought a sandwich plate which fits between the filter and the housing, that has four 1/8NPT threaded apertures for the various oil senders. This means I can now fit the Ford oil pressure switch, and the Stack oil pressure and temperature transducers all together, in the same place, which keeps the wiring tidy.

My contract at Thales is being renewed, and it looks like they want me to work for them next year too, which means I can continue working on the Fiesta for the foreseable. I've saved my client almost a quarter of a million pounds in costs through the work I've been doing on Asset Management.

Talking of spending money, over on XRTWO.COM, we're looking at getting a group buy together for carbon fibre Mk1 tailgates. If you're interested in getting one, follow this link and sign up.
Friday 3rd October 2009
Dropped all the Focus bits off with RPV, and my spare axle. The plan is to cut the ends of the axle off, and weld on some plates that the hubs then bolt on to. Camber will be adjusted via shims between the axle and the hubs. Simple really. Chris is also going to fit a pair of Hi Spec lightweight calipers, to keep the weight down.
Thursday 1st October 2009
The Focus rear brakes arrived, and after some persuasion, soon came apart. My disks dont fit on the hubs, so I'll have to get some new Focus disks, but in all, they appear to be in OK condition, and are going to need some cleaning up to get the presentable enough to put on the car. The seller said that they were the ABS model, but I cant find any signs of where an ABS sensor would be fitted. Not to worry, I'll take them and the spare axle over to Rutland tomorrow for Chris to take a look at.
Focus brakes Focus brakes Focus brakes Focus brakes Focus brakes Focus brakes