August 2011

Tuesday 30th August 2011
BARC York Harewood Hillclimb 28th August 2011
5:50am depart
8:00am arrive
104 miles 32.5mpg
Fiesta Top Speed: Rev limiter in 3rd gear

Another good day at Harewood yesterday. I managed to better my PB from 2004, which shouldn't come as a surprise given the development of the car, but it was a very cold and windy day, and although it was dry, I was really struggling for traction out of the corners, and the bumpy uphill from Farmhouse to the finish line was a real struggle to put the power down. Still a new PB is a new PB, so I should be happy. I just need to work out how to grab another 4 seconds back to get on terms with the Mod Prod Mini's, running in the 64's. Its only my 3rd competitive event in 2011 though, and first proper competition hillclimb with the Duratec, and reliability is the key thing to me at the moment.

For next year, I'll need to look at running some full slicks, instead of the treaded ones I have now. At the meeting, a Renault 5GT Turbo was running 8.7/21.5-15 slicks manufactured by Avon, which are 31mm wider than the 19/57-15s I'm running today. So a tyre in that size should be suitable for the Fiesta. I'd need to change up to 8" rims though, as my 7's are too narrow for tyres of that width. Plenty of time to think about my options for next season.

BARC Yorkshire Harewood Hillclimb 28th Aug 2011

The Youtube video of my fastest run up the hill is here

My next outing is this Saturday at the Aintree Sprint. I am car #64. The following weekend I'm at Loton Park, running as car #77. So for Aintree I just need to put some more fuel in the Fiesta and remember not to change down on any of the corners :D
Wednesday 24th August 2011
I am at Harewood Hillclimb this Sunday (28th August), running at number 157, up against Les Proctor in his OMS, and a shared Radical. Hoping it stays dry and sunny. My entry for Loton has been accepted so I'll be at Aintree on September 3rd, then Loton Park hillclimb on September 11th.
I do have spare tickets for Harewood and Loton, so please let me know if you'd like any. Just drop me a line, or let me know via Twitter or Facebook.
Monday 22nd August 2011
I'm still on a high from taking part in the Retro Rides Gathering at Prescott yesterday. I've never been to Prescott before, but what a fabulous track, and the organisation by the Retro Rides management team and volunteers, was simply superb. I didn't need to wear a helmet, or even cover my arms or legs. Such was the relaxed atmosphere, everyone was chilled out, and I cant say I've had that much fun in the Fiesta for a very long time. I managed two practice runs in the morning session, and four back-to-back runs in the afternoon, during which time I was able to really push the Fiesta and show what it can do.

Retro Rides Gathering Prescott Aug 21st 2011

Practice run in the morning (external film so you can hear the Duratec at full throttle)

My four fast back-to-back runs in the afternoon (on board footage with sound)

My four runs, filmed from the hillside, so you can really get to hear what the twincam Duratec sounds like at full chat :D

Tuesday 16th August 2011
I've changed the way that the front drivers and passenger door windows are secured in the car, taking my inspiration from a blue Mk1 Fiesta on the Classic Ford stand at Ford Fair. I've removed the window rubbers, and drilled and fixed the perspex windows directly to the door frames, using stainless M4x12 dome head bolts and ss nyloc nuts. So far I've converted the drivers side, and the passenger side is almost finished. 22 bolts are required per side, and the weight saving from removing all of the rubber trim is quite considerable. It looks a bit more hardcore now, and oddly the doors close more easily, as the windows brace the doors, making them stiffer and easier to shut.
Passenger side window, 90% complete
Drivers side window, 100% complete.

I've bought a 3mx3m EasyUp Gazebo, to shelter underneath when I'm out competing. I'll have it with me at the Prescott Hillclimb on Sunday, which is the next outing for the Fiesta. I'm a guest at the Retro Rides gathering, and I hope there are plenty of opportunities to drive the Fiesta up the hill.

Tuesday 9th August 2011
FordFair 2011 was a good crack, and doing a track sessions certainly adds an element of excitement, and I'll certainly do more next year. Big Thankyou to Classic Ford magazine for the stand pass, and I was with about a dozen other Mk1 and Mk2 Fiesta XR2's on the '30 years of the XR2' area.

The first track session, session B at 9:20am, I dont know where everyone got to, but I left a green RS Focus for dead, and then never saw anyone in my rear view mirror. The session was red flagged though, and I peeled off in to the pit lane, to find myself back in the paddock.


So I drove around to the start again, and managed to blag another session, so went out with all the C session Fiesta Zetec's, and a very quick red Fiesta RS Turbo that I could stay up but he had the legs on me on the straights. I did overtake him after a couple of laps though :D

Then that session was chequered flagged after <10 minutes, presumably because it started late after session B was ended prematurely due to an oil spill.

Still two 10 minutes sessions, I got my monies worth.

Very bad vibration from the front wheels around 90mph, so after speaking to Baz with the biege Mk1 Fiesta (with the FORD logo in the boot) he mentioned hub centric spacers, and that fact that I hadn't got any kind of pointed to the cause of the vibration. So I bought a pair of TPI 12mm hubcentric spacers from their stall (replacing my 10mm spacers), and fitted them before loading the car back on to the trailer. I'll see how they affect the car when I'm out at Prescott Hillclimb on the 21st. 4mm wider at the front isn't going to hurt either especially when using full lock with the Kustom front suspension I'm running.

It was another great show. I met some fellow twitterers, and got sun burn on my neck. Excellent turnout, and if you didn't mind a good walk, the show had plenty for everybody.

I've left employment with Thales after 16 years (13 permanent, 3 contracting), and I'm starting at Capita next Monday, so this week I am officially 'unemployed'. So its a week off with the kids (help!)

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Tuesday 2nd August 2011
I'm out on track at 9:20am on Sunday, with an 8:20am driver briefing. I'll be trying to stay out of trouble, and hoping that the session isn't red flagged and cut short. Then I'm on the '30 years of the XR' stand with Classic Ford magazine, trying to avoid the wasps and the sunburn.

No sooner have I finished the Fiesta's aluminium top engine steady bar off, I'm making another, this time with LH and RH threaded rod ends, so I can adjust the tension of the bar in situ. Bits should be arriving Weds (tomorrow) so I'll crack on with the fabrication before the weekend.