February 2011

Sunday 27th February 2011
Updated the firmware in the DTA S80 ECU, from version 48 to version 60. This brings the ECU right up to date with all of the latest developments from WWW.DTAFAST.CO.UK
And I've labelled up the dashboard :D

Saturday 26th February 2011
I've changed the labels on the control/fuse/relay box. I used a Dymo Labelpoint 100 label printer (borrowed), and a 45021 black on white 12mm label cartridge. I had previously used yellow on black labels, but they didn't really have the professional look I was after. I've printed more labels out for the carbon dash, and I'll stick those on tomorrow.

Friday 18th February 2011
I've given the box the once over, and connected up the gearlever. The embedded video below demonstrates the gear change, and a concern about the length of the box.

Thursday 17th February 2011
Its arrived!

Wednesday 16th February 2011
The dog box is being delivered tomorrow (Thursday) #jumpsupanddownwithexcitement

And I've provisionally sold the original Quaife ATB LSD taken out of the BC gearbox in 2008, which'll help offset the cost of the dog box.
Monday 14th February 2011
Rewired my fuse/relay control box to allow me to push a button that operates the fuel pump. This lets me prime the system, as it can take a few seconds turning the engine over to get full fuel pressure. When the ecu is powered up, it runs the pump for a second, and then turns the pump off whilst the engine isnt running. This isnt long enough to prime the system and full fuel pressure takes a while to build from scratch. Once warmed up, the engine starts first time, as the rail retains the pressure. But a week later, the pressures gone, and this mod allows me to push the button down for 5seconds or so, prior to turning the engine over from cold. It also allows me to produce a fuel sample if required.

Also added a switch to the DTA S80 cable, so I can now flash the ECU with the latest firmware. (19/01/2011 vsn 58 is available)

I've found the press release for the Quaife QBE38Z gearbox I've ordered:

Quaife Engineering launches 5-speed sequential gearbox for Fiesta ST150

Transmission specialist and supplier of ATB differential units for the Focus RS launches innovative 5-speed 'hybrid' sequential gearbox for Ford Fiesta ST150.

Quaife Engineering is delighted to announce an exciting new addition to its renowned range of Ford performance transmissions, in the form of a five speed sequential gearbox for the popular Fiesta ST150 hot hatchback. Ideal for fast road, trackday or motorsport use, this represents the ultimate ´┐Żno compromise' transmission system for the front wheel drive Ford.

Careful design by Quaife's in house technical team has resulted in an innovative package which marries a new Quaife sequential cluster to the Fiesta's original Ford IB5 gearbox maincase, delivering significant advantages in cost, ease of fitment and outstanding performance compared to competitor products.

As part of the development process Quaife's technicians have designed an all new bespoke gearbox end cover, which packages both the new dog engagement gear cluster and cable operated sequential gearchange mechanism. Cleverly, Quaife's new sequential gearbox has been produced to be directly compatible with the original Fiesta ST150 driveshafts, gearbox and engine mounts, greatly simplifying the installation process.

Quaife's adherence to this demanding technical brief resulted in a 'hybrid' gearbox that's priced at an ultra competitive level, yet delivers ultra-rapid gearshifts in a way no traditional 'h-pattern' transmission could possibly match.

Saturday 12th February 2011
I made the money transfer to Quaife yesterday, so the box should be with me next week some time. This'll mean me taking out the IB5+ box, which is essentially a new box with <250 miles on it. I may sell this together with the spare Quaife ATB LSD, cables, and Mk7 gear change mechanism, to offset the costs of the sequential box. I'll keep them as a spare for the time being.

The Subaru hot start fault seems to have gone, finally. So it looks as though pressing all the connectors back on last week, may have cured the problem. Maybe its a connector that was disturbed during one of the three gearbox removals, who knows.
Monday 7th February 2011
Well, not much going on, on the Fiesta front. Work has shifted in to top gear, and I'm spending a lot of time away from home at the moment. Just as well there's not much needing my attention. I'm moving money around to get the funds together for the gearbox, and should be ready in a week or two to place the order.

Shame I cant say the same about my Legacy. The car developed a hot start problem a few weeks ago, and I took it in to the dealers last Friday, and they couldn't find a fault. They claimed that they'd road tested the car, but the mileage on the car was the same when I collected it as when I dropped it off. I complained, and the garage owner called me, to apologise, and said he'd investigate what was going on, and call me back Monday. Well, its 7:30pm on Monday, and no one called me. I'm not surprised. The car, which I've now nicknamed Cato (from Pink Panther, as in 'not now Cato'), has its own web page, not that its going to make any difference. Subaru customer service in the UK Sucks! Don't believe all you read in the press.