October 2011

Friday 14th October 2011
I've finished off the hardline installation, after Goodridge sent me another 2M length and some straight swivel male connectors. The two black lines run from the fuel tank to the bulkhead, one is the feed and the other is the return.

Hardlines installed

I went to the Morgan Car company on Thursday, for a factory tour. It was a real eye opener, and just shows what skills are involved in manufacturing their vehicles. The Three wheeler was the most interesting. It used a 1.9L Twin cylinder engine, mated to a Mazda MX5 gearbox, with a belt drive to the rear axle. It all looked very complex, and even used a Quaife gearbox to convert the drive from the MX5 gearbox to the belt. Great looking car? but not sure about the drivetrain design.

It was also great to see that the 4/4 uses the 2.0 Ford Duratec (good choice), and we all drooled over the stack of BMW V8 engines waiting to be modified prior to fitting to the +8's.
Morgan Factory visit Oct 2011

Sunday 9th October 2011
Brakes are done. I've run two new lengths of brake pipe inside the car, avoiding the exhaust tunnel, and I've also removed the leaky Willwood pressure regulator.

I've bought a number of parts from Goodridge, and I've now replaced all the overbraided hose inside the car with 8mm OD aluminium hard line, which is a rigid fuel line. It needs care to bend it without putting kinks in it, but a bit of practice and the outcome is looking good.

4 x 2M of the hardline aluminium fuel line
2 x couplers
2 x 90 degree swivel females
2 x straight swivel females, all in -6

I've also gone for a G-Cool fuel cooler, GCS619AN06 in 19 rows. I'm also fitting a fuel cooler, under the boot floor, to help keep the fuel temperatures down. Queuing in the paddock, the fuel thats recirculating around the system is soon heated up from the fuel pump, and the heat soak from the inside of the car, and a cooler will help keep it at ambient temperatures. I should have ordered a pair of straight swivel males, not females, and I'll get these ordered this week to finish off the job. I've also had to get another couple of 2M lengths of the hardline, as I've made a few mistakes whilst learning how to bend the tubing.