December 2013


We finally moved house on Friday 20th December. I'm now in the process of sorting out the garage, which is full of boxes still. Our new home has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a utility room, plus a huge kitchen and gardens, and most importantly, it doesnt have a shared driveway. Detached also means we no longer have to endure hours of neighbours screaming at each other. We've certainly moved up the property ladder, and it was long time coming. Cheers to everyone's support over the past 6 months. We'll now be able to live our lives to the fullest, in a stress free and far more relaxed environment.


Good news. Reverzilla no longer reverses their car on to the driveway in the mornings.

No more crazy driving


The display spec fireworks are on order for the house cooling party of the century. We're still none the wiser on the completion date, often the case when in a chain. It could be December, it could even be January 2014. Rest assured the drive will be full of party goers and there'll be lots of noise and hangovers the following day.

I've written my next article for Retro Ford magazine, and its gone to the MagEd with photos. With the Fiesta firmly mothballed for the winter, I've turned my attention to the Mk2 Escort, and written a little over 500 words on the subject.