June 2013


Its time to get my arse in to gear and enter some events in this years championship. I've entered the LMC Aintree sprint on September 7th, and I intend to do a Llandow sprint in July, and a 3 Sisters in August. I'll start work immediately on changing the position of the rear wing so its below the height of the roofline. I may not get a run at Aintree as I'm not a member of any of the invited clubs, but I'd like a run there this year all the same before the season's over.

Theres a possibility that my Subaru Legacy may have a Diesel engine from the same batch as those that have failed. A number of EE20 Diesel engines have had main bearing and crankshaft failures, and the engines were manufactured in 2008/2009. I'm trying to determine if the engine number on my EE20 is close to the ones that have failed, and if so, I'll probably get rid of the car before the engine fails. I rang the dealer in Leicester, and they said that as there was no pattern to the failures (ie the engine blowing up!) Subaru had no intention of issuing a recall. My Leggy is having her 72000 mile service today. I'm going to have to keep my fingers crossed that at least in short term, there are no issues with my EE20 engine.


Retro Ford Magazine, July 2013
The latest edition of Retro Ford magazine has just hit the shelves. My article is on pages 92 & 93. I've just written my next article, and I'm taking some photos of the Fiesta over the weekend to provide some illustration.


Took the family over to watch Marc Griffin competing in his Mk1 Fiesta Rallycross car on Sunday at Mallory Park. Marc's installed a 2.0 Zetec and a four speed box, driving the rear wheels, and it goes incredibly well. So much so, he finished 3rd place in the final.
Mallory Park June 2nd 2013

Mark is on the 3rd row on the start of the 2nd race, alongside the Green mini.