September 2013


I had an absolutely brilliant time at the Forge Motorsport Action Day, at Castle Combe on Saturday. I was one of the invited guests, so I had two track sessions for free, and as it was my first ever time at CC I was quite looking forward to it. And so I should have been. It is a cracking little circuit, and my XR2 flew around, overtaking lots of other cars, and setting respectable lap times with a new top speed of 118MPH. The rear wing works very well, now it is lowered below the height of the roof. It no longer reduces the top speed, and was producing so much downforce that as I approached Avon Rise, I could smell burning rubber from the rear tyres touching the inner wings! I ran the GoPro on the windscreen, and I have both sessions recorded. There is a lot of wind noise, but that adds to the feeling of speed.


Whats that? Is that a SOLD board outside? It could be time to start the Champagne flowing.
I fancy a nice big home in Scotland, with a big plot of land. Then I can learn the hillclimbs north of the border. First things first, lets get another mortgage application underway for something more modest. Fingers crossed.

One of the documents that you need to get a copy of, when selling a house, is whats called the TRANSFER document. I had to send off a form called an OC2, and a cheque for £11 to the Leicester Land Registry office, and wait a week before receiving mine. We were told that the building society kept these, and after two weeks chasing our own tails, a friend who's wife is a legal secretary at a top law firm, told us the easiest route to obtain the documents.

It is a very interesting legal document, particularly when it comes to boundaries AND rights of way. And well worth the £11 cost. A word of advice. If you are ever going confront anyone over their parking and rights of way, at the very least do your homework first.

A facepalm for my neighbour. Do your homework next time