February 2014


Slight break in updates, which is down to me being away from home for two weeks, working up in Thurso in Scotland. The roads in Scotland are just brilliant. Lots of very fast A roads, very few pot holes, and some great scenery which you can view whilst driving because of the lack of pot holes.

The Fiesta is finally in her now home, though the trailer wouldnt fit inside the garage, due to the lock mechanism protruding from the sides of the door frames, which meant the gap wasnt wide enough to let me squeeze the trailer past :(

Lots to do between now and Rockingham on March 16th. I need to have all the wheels off and check the suspension. The car needs a good clean, and some fresh paint on the front splitter. Time to get my hands dirty again.



While out collecting this months Retro Ford magazine (March 2014 copy), to see how my latest two page article looked, I went over to where the trailer is stored to measure its length. Its approx 4.6M long, and measuring the space in the garage I have around 5.5M to play with. So the trailer should definitely fit length wise, its just a question of how narrow the door frame is as the widest parts of the trailer are the mudguards, and I reckon I've around a 1/2 inch clearance each side to get the trailer through the door. We'll know soon enough. I still want to fit an up-n-over electric door, and I've been given the go ahead from the Chief Financial Officer, so I'll arrange to get some quotes.


I cleared the roof space on Saturday, and the loft in the house now has a bit more house junk in it than it had before. But that means I can clear the floor in the garage, in preparation for the return of the car. The only thing on my mind now, is will the trailer fit inside the garage, or am I going to have to leave it outside on the drive?

I also washed both the road cars on Sunday, for the first time since before moving, and its such a nice experience to be able to do something as basic as washing the cars without fear of abuse or hateful stares from the stupid st@lk3rs we left behind. :D


Finally, finished the painting last night, the first coat anyway. All in all, its about 12 hours work so far. I'm now concentrating on making the most of the garage roof space, to get the floor clear.


Please contain your excitement. The last wall has been painted, I've just the column of breeze blocks to the right to paint. So very nearly finished. Next jobs are to put more boxes up in the roof, and wire in additional electrical sockets around the walls.

Garage mods


Almost finished painting the walls, just one more to go in grey, and I can give the white a second coat. I may as well as I have plenty of white paint left in the tub.

Garage mods


Another three hours spent painting on Saturday, and I've finished the first coat of white paint, and applied grey paint to the lower half of each side, which looks a bit green in the photos but it definitely grey. I then boarded the loft in the house on Sunday, which meant I could finally get rid of the suitcases and christmas decorations from the garage, in to the loft. I used 40 loft stilts fom B&Q, and four sets of their loft boards, which come in packs of three. One thing I noticed whilst working in the garage on Saturday, was how much wind was coming in underneath the garage door. I'll have to fix that to stop the water from coming in, probably with a rubber draught strip fixed to the underside of the door.

Garage mods Garage mods Garage mods