Mar 2014


After downloading the data from the Race Technology DL1 logger, I've used RaceRender3 to create two more videos, which both show the speed and g force achieved on the two timed runs at Rockingham. Showing the speed on the video, helps convey quite how fast we're going, as the video alone doesnt. RaceRender is a free product for video's shorter than 3 minutes, of which most sprints are.

First timed run

Second timed run

Finally, for a bit of fun, I recorded the drive home, filmed from inside the Fiesta, using the GoPro2 in 1080-30 Widescreen.


The scrutineer at Rockingham, wasnt happy with two things on the Fiesta. The first was that the amber Test LED on the Lifeline extinguisher switch box, didnt illuminate when the switch was pushed in to the Test position. When we switched it to the Live position, it illuminated the red LED. So it was just the amber Test LED thats not working. I'll change the battery for a new Duracell and see if this cures the problem. The second thing was the rectangular shaped end plates on the rear wing, had square corners, and these needed rounding off. This is because the marshals have to position the car at the start line, by physically pushing the car, and although they wear gloves, we still need to make the car 'safe' for them to handle. So I've now filed the corners round using a file.

I collected the engine from Langford Performance Engineering, and it is now tucked safely away in the garage. Although I would like to build it myself, its going to be easier for me to deliver the bits to a specialist, for them to assemble. If anyone wants to volunteer, please get in touch. The column in Retro Ford magazine will of course provide additional publicity.

Finally, I've started on the rear diffuser. With the car sitting on the trailer, access to the underside is quite easy at the moment, and I'm making a template to suit the profile of the boot floor. Once I'm happy with the shape, I'll transfer this to a stronger material, such as advertising board, and set about joining the sections together.


Photos from the BARC Rockingham Sprint can be found here. I was entered in Class 14.


In the quest for more power I have just purchased a new Duratec 2.0 block assembly. Collection hopefully on Saturday. I will rebuild this with the K1 Duratec rods, Supertech 12.5:1 pistons, and Cosworth cams I bought last year, which should give me around 260BHP, and most importantly, another 1000rpm, which will increase the theoretical top speed from 116 to 130mph


The first event of 2014, and what a day! The sun shone all day, it was dry, the venue, Rockingham Motor Speedway, is second to none, even better than Silverstone in some respects. The track was very difficult to learn, but rewarding nonetheless. My first two practice runs, I struggled for rear end grip, with two near misses when the rear end stepped out. The quick steering rack certainly helps now with being able to catch and control the car when the rear breaks loose. I altered the tyre pressures for the first timed run, raising the front from 21.0 to 23.5psi, and leaving the rears at 21.0, and this definitely helped. I ran an 84.44s run, which was a little over 2s slower than the DJM Ford Ka, and on the next run I tried a little too hard, and went marginally slower with a 84.7s. There was no way I was going to catch the Ka, without more experience of the circuit. There must be another couple of seconds to be found, but on my first visit, I wasnt displeased with the 2s gap.

The car was flawless. The rear tyres were probably too dirty for practice, I hadnt cleaned them since the last outing at Castle Combe last September. But they cleaned up after a couple of tries, and for the timed runs they were perfect. The front suspension felt far better with the shoulder bolts fitted. The steering wheel was straight when driving in a straight line, and this never altered all day. I just wish I had another 100BHP to play with, then I could have closed the gap to the Ka without more experience of the circuit.

So I came 29th overall from 93 starters, and finished 2nd in class, behind the Ka, but I also beat the Ginetta G20, by quite a considerable margin. And yes I would go to Rockingham again, and thanks to BARC for the slick organisation. The final results for available for download here

I mounted the GoPro2 inside the windscreen, using the suction cup mount. Perfect footage this time.

My second timed run, with a quicker lap around the banking, but I lost time (0.3s) in the infield somewhere.

My first timed run, which was a faster lap, but I lifted on the banking at turn 1 and made up time in the infield.


FANTASTIC NEWS: The scumbags, the parasites and the lowlifes who we used to live next door to, the ones who couldnt park, certainly couldnt reverse, and started a conflict that lead to criminal damage and them being served with a harassment notice from the Police, are leaving the UK. This is the fool who confronted me over my parking on my land, without even consulting his own boundary plans.

Off to Australia apparently, though their poxy little house is on Rightmove, being rented out, presumably so if it all goes wrong they can come back again. Still no longer will we have to see their ugly faces on the school run. Which is a lottery win in our books. We cant believe how tiny their house is inside, and we used to have to suffer endless hammering, sounding like they were always hanging new pictures on the walls, but there are no signs in the photographs of pictures hanging up. This then was presumably part of their campaign to drive us away, to keep hammering at all hours. Bon Voyage is what I say.


Added 0.5l of oil to the gearbox, as its pushed a fair amount out through the breather in to the catch tank. Refitted the front airdam/splitter, and the car is now ready for Sunday. I just have to add fuel and load it on to the trailer. I've had a play with the GoPro2 mount inside the Subaru, and now I'm happy with how to position the camera, I'm going to stick it inside the Fiesta, again mounted to the windscreen.


The car is back on her wheels again, and I adjusted the tracking last night. Since replacing the bolts in the suspension, there is no longer any play in the steering, it feels far more solid now when I turn the steering wheel. I've also refitted the door bar protection, as the covers had gone mouldy and needed a wash to restore them.


I am car number 96 on Sunday, so I've ordered some door numbers from Demon Tweeks, and a new pair of race boots as my OMP's are worn out after 10 years use. There are just three of us in Sports Libre over 1700cc, a Ginetta G20, and the DJM Ka of Ian Oldfield, which I cant wait to see. It has 300BHP plus 4WD and will run rings around me, but I dont mind as he's in a different championship to me so as long as I'm quicker than the Z-Cars mini in the class below me, I should score some decent points.


I've changed the oil in the Duratec. I managed to drain 4L out in total, including the filter and hoses that connect the remote filter housing to the front of the block. I've refilled the engine with some new Sunoco fully synthetic 10W60 and I'll fit the filter tomorrow.

Karl Hacken told me about some bolts I needed to cure the play in the front suspension. When working on the car on Tuesday I found excessive play in the rod end that connects the tie bar to the TCA. When originally supplied, the kit came with a threaded bolt and a sleeve, which sat inside the rod end. But this leads to some play, fore-aft movement of the front wheels, which needed curing. So I went over to Birmingham yesterday morning to fetch a pair of 5/8in x 1in shouldered bolts, which fit inside the rod end without the requirement for the bush. The only problem was that the holes in the TCA needed opening out to 5/8in, and luckily Nigel at was able to drill the holes out, to accept the new bolts, at very short notice. Which just leaves me the task of reassembly tomorrow night, and a quick re-alignment of the front wheels, should finally cure the issue.
Shoulder bolts Shoulder bolts


I ran the engine in the Fiesta for 20 minutes on Sunday, whilst I washed and polished the car. I've taken all the stickers off her, going for a clean look this year. Just the oil to change and she's ready for Rockingham on the 16th. I've finally cleared the garage, so I have enough space to work on the car. Needless to say, the garage loft space is now fully utilised.

Washed and polished Tidied garage