December 2015


A Happy Christmas to all my visitors, and I hope you all have a great 2016

For those of you lucky enough to own Forza 5 or 6 on the Xbox One, you can already drive the Ford Ecoboost. I'll have to make do with the real thing :D


I have fixed the side to side play in the gearlever, by replacing the standard Mygale bush with a pair of sealed ball races. The lever operates much more smoothly now. The bearings were from Simplybearings, and the description is: 2 x MF128ZZ Metal Shielded Flanged Deep Groove Ball Bearing 8x12x3.5mm (MF.128.ZZ) = £6.94 for the pair. Mygale gear lever with roller bearings


I've repaired two more sections of the nose. I've used P38 again, to reinforce the inside. whilst bracing the outside with G clamps to keep it from distorting. I've also cleaned up the two mini wings that were fitted to the front wing, and I just need to spray them gloss black where the removal of vinyl has removed the original paint.


Thank goodness, I've finished removing the last of the orange vinyl. Now I can concentrate on finishing the repairs to the nose, and then I can get some fresh black paint on the car. I've found an FTR differential, in Germany, and I'm going through the motions to pay for it, and have it shipped over to the UK.


Bit more tape removal, the off side cockpit is now clear of orange, just the near side left to go.


Engine cover is now cleaned up, with the tape and decals removed. On Saturday I drove down to Jamun Racing in Rochester, to collect two boxes full of suspension parts for the car. These included rear wishbones, and pushrods, and a few parts including a jig to make new arms. Jamun pioneered longer wheel base on the EcoBoosts, and made their own front suspension arms to help increase ackerman. Radical were supposed to have copied them, but now I have all the Jamun parts I can see whether I have the longer arms already on the car.