February 2015


I seem to be ordering lots of bits, and not actually fitting them, leaving me a smaller window in which to fit them prior to the Castle Combe sprint on March 21st. I had all sorts of plans, but for now, given the time remaining, I'll probably just fill her up with some fresh fuel and pedal around as quick as I can. If I get a run of course. There is a selection process, so fingers crossed, I'll be allowed to play in Sports Libre. I've bought another pair of TPI 12mm hub centric spacers for the rear axle. These are needed when the Superlegerra rims are fitted at the rear. I did have 20mm Puma spacers on the back axle, but took these off so the split rims would squeeze in to the rear arches. I've also sourced some aluminium GoPro roll cage mounts, made by 'Joes Racing Products' in the States, which are ordered and should be here in time for the 21st. I want to try and vinyl wrap the running boards before then too, which might take a few goes. I already have the vinyl so I just need to prepare the surface first and try my hand at wrapping. What's the worst that could happen?


I've chucked a late entry in to the Bristol Motor Club Castle Combe sprint, on Saturday March 21st. It cost £127.50 and I'm entered in class D2, Sports Libre > 1800cc. Hopefully I'll have a bit of competition on the day. Now to get the Fiesta ready.

I'm enjoying working back at Derby again. Its good to catch up with the friends I left behind last year, and the commute in the BM is a good opportunity to stretch its legs every day.


I'm not expecting too much am I, when I take my car in to a Tow Bar specialist (Bermick in Leicester), to have them fit the bar, and when I get the car back, I then find I have to spend 40 minutes putting the trim back on properly including securing the bumper because they didnt replace all the fasteners. And the ones they did, the majority were not tight, allowing the bumper to move.

Maybe its the perfectionist in me, but I thought they would put it all back as they found it. And I've no idea how the bumper can have come back with a fastener missing. Take an empty box, place the removed fasteners in to the box, replace the fasteners, leaving an empty box. No?

The good news is the the detachable bit of the tow bar works, and I've tested the electrics out, and the trailer lights all seem to function, so the quality of the bar and the dedicated electrics seems good. I've written to them expressing my dissatisfaction. If they'd spent half an hour putting the car back together, I'd have been 100% happy with their work. As it is, I'm only about 50% satisfied, and I wouldnt recommend them to anyone else considering having their tow bars fitted.

So 5/10 Bermick on Abbey Lane, Leicester, you could do a lot better with some attention to detail.