July 2015


The advert for the Fiesta is now on Race Cars Direct. I've already sold the Exhaust, the drive shafts, the radiator and a few other bits. I've a whole load of other parts to list on ebay too, time to get busy.


After some time to think whilst on Holiday in Tenerife with the family, I've decided it is time to move on, and I shall be selling my unique Fiesta mk1.

I've owned the car for 23 years, and I dont think I can take it much further, without significant expenditure. The class I run in, in the UK, Sports Libre, still lacks sufficient competition to make it as enjoyable for me as it could be. Sure I can spend £10000 on an engine, but I'd still be 30s slower than the bigger capacity pure racing cars.

The shell will be sold as a rolling shell, the Duratec engine plus the Quaife Sequential box will be sold, as will the new 2.0 Duratec I'd started building, the spare wheels and tyres, and most of the components for the Duratec conversion.

And the new direction, I'm going to try running a single seater, and I am actively looking for a Formula Ford EcoBoost Duratec 1.6 Turbo at the moment. The cars are coming on the market for good money, and are competitive, and easy to drive. I just need to sell the Fiesta and all the components first, to fund the purchase.

I would take £15000 for the complete car, ready to race, but I'm realistic and appreciate not everyone wants to run in Sports Libre. I'll get the parts listed on Ebay in the next few weeks.

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