June 2015


Just when you thought motorsport was expensive enough, the MSA goes and introduces a change to the safety regulations from 2016 that see's all cars that hillclimb and sprint, and are equipped with race harnesses, requiring the driver now wear a Frontal Head Restraint, or a HANS. More safety gear. I'll have to buy one. I've got no choice. They wont let you compete unless you're wearing one.


With the engine removed, I've fitted the spare 2.0 Duratec block to the engine stand that I borrowed in April, so I can fit the K1 rods and Supertech pistons to it. The head will need to come off the other engine so I can get it ported and the +1mm valves installed. Time to get my hands dirty again.

Spare block

Spare block


Made the trip down to Quaife this morning, to drop the box and all the spare parts off. They quoted a turnaround of approximately three weeks, which gives me time to do a few other jobs on the car. I've asked for a taller fifth gear (0.960), as that should give me a top speed of around 127MPH. Handy for Castle Combe and the other faster sprint circuits where top speed can be reached. (The top speed with the current setup, 3.857:1 final drive, with 1.042:1 fifth gear, is 116MPH at 7600rpm). I've asked Quaife to check what the final drive is, as it may even be 4.38:1, they couldn't confirm when i bought it, what was actually supplied in the prototype box!
Boot loaded with goodies