May 2015


I've separated the gearbox from the engine, and I'm dammed if I can find the crack where the oil was escaping from. I know it leaks, I've the puddle of oil to prove it, but the crack must be invisible to the eye. Speaking of invisible things, I've still not had my refund from Hagley and District Light Car Club for the cancelled Loton Park Hillclimb in April. I've tried numerous times to push things along, and have had no success so far. Not at all impressed. They charge an administration fee for a cancellation, so you'd expect to get it hand delivered to your door. Its over a hundred pounds that I'm owed so I'm going to keep trying. I think a phone call might be in order.


Removed the engine and gearbox from the car at the weekend. Its never a simple job, as its so shoe horned in to the engine bay, so it was around 6 hours work in total to drop it on to the wooden trolley and raise the car high enough to slide it out from underneath. I've put a video together, taking pictures every 30s with the GoPro, which can be seen below.

The Kaaz plate LSD is now safely at home, and will be installed in the rebuilt gearbox, when I take it to Quaife in Sevenoaks for the service. It is already setup for use in the Fiesta, with the appropriate ramp angles and pre-load.

And I collected the vapour blasted gearbox casing from Shane at Faircharm in Leicester, and it looks absolutely superb. £75 well spent I reckon. It just needs a pressure wash to get all of the dried slurry out from the inside, and then it can be built back up in to the sequential gearbox again.


I've bought a plate diff for the Fiesta. It'll replace the ATB diff, and should give me faster exit speeds and less understeer. Collecting it this weekend, and hopefully I'll also be collecting the cleaned gearbox casing from Faircharm, as it wasnt ready last weekend. Mensley Motorsport now have a page on facebook, I'm sure they'd appreciate some extra Likes.