December 2023


Happy Christmas

I hope you had a great Christmas this year, and are looking forward to 2024 as much as I am. To that end, new logo's have appeared for the championship, which are an improvement over the old ones, but I still think there's room for a totally new look. I used DALL-E 3 to generate this one, I'm quite impressed how well the AI generates images from a short description.

DALL-E logo


ECU sensor linearised

The ECU is now recalibrated for the engine coolant pressure sensor, the following video shows the process. I am now ready to run the engine, and record some coolant pressures.


Sensor connected

I've wired in the pressure sensor for the coolant system, and the ECU is configured to read the pressure. I've just got to linerise the sensor, as the default calibration is for a different type of sensor, but that's not hard to do, and I'll get that done this week. I already have the linearisation table from Honeywell, its just a case of typing in the numbers.

The video on how I wired it in, is now on Youtube. Dont forget to like and subscribe.


Header tank refitted

The header tank is back, modified with the pressure sensor, and the video below explains the reason for fitting one, and shows the process of re-fitting the header tank. Dont forget to like the video and subscribe.


Printed trigger ring testing

I've seen a clean square wave trace from the front trigger disks, running at over 1.5KHz, which is a far higher frequency than I would ever see from the front wheels, but it just shows how well the NPN induction sensors work against the steel dowels. I'm encouraged to use them now on the front axle, as they will make a decent increase on the resolution from the front wheels. They have 20 dowels, so I need to set the Numbers of Teeth in the cal to 20. Incidentally the LifeCAL software allows up to 250 pulses per revolution!

I'm using Picoscope on my Desktop PC to capture and analyse the square wave generated by the induction sensor. The software is taking a bit of getting used to; to think when I was at College, setting up an oscilloscope was second nature, it's slowly coming back to me. :D

1.5KHz trace
The trigger disk is printed from PA12 Nylon by 3D People, to my design, drawn in Fusion 360. The steel dowels are a press fit in to the holes in the disk.
Zetecinside printed front wheel trigger disk
Editing the number of teeth in LifeCAL
LifeCAL changing the number of teeth