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Driver summary Ken Ayers

First Year1979
Last Year1994
Number of runoffs124
Best Runoff1
Average Position5.3387

Points Tally Ken Ayers

1979 74010
1980 31515
1981 6464
1982 7681
1983 6522
1984 10664
1985 10745
1986 7614
1987 7555
1988 7694
1989 11815
1990 8665
1991 10656
1992 11933
1993 7515
1994 7486

Driver/Car Bio for Ken Ayers

1979 Carnaby3Ken Ayers784.271.6 March-Ford BDA 752/76B66
1979 St Eval5Ken Ayers752.211.6 March-Ford BDA 752/76B612
1979 Lydden Hill8Ken Ayers552.901.6 March-Ford BDA 752/76B820
1979 Brighton9Ken Ayers823.381.6 March-Ford BDA 752/76B525
1979 Talbenny10Ken Ayers871.481.6 March-Ford BDA 752/76B530
1979 Wroughton11Ken Ayers981.801.6 March-Ford BDA 752/76B434
1979 Weston12Ken Ayers717.931.6 March-Ford BDA 752/76B640
1980 Oulton Park1Ken Ayers653.631.6 March-Ford BDA 752/76B747
1980 Wroughton4Ken Ayers1075.371.6 March-Ford BDA 752/76B350
1980 Curborough5Ken Ayers833.181.6 March-Ford BDA 752/76B555
1981 Curborough3Ken Ayers841.713.0 March-Cosworth DFV 79S560
1981 Ouston (Albermarle)4Ken Ayers482.583.0 March-Cosworth DFV 79S969
1981 Blackpool5Ken Ayers520.543.0 March-Cosworth DFV 79S877
1981 Lydden Hill7Ken Ayers746.713.0 March-Cosworth DFV 79S683
1981 Perran Sands9Ken Ayers544.523.0 March-Cosworth DFV 79S891
1981 Brighton10Ken Ayers315.803.0 March-Cosworth DFV 79S10101
1982 Curborough1Ken Ayers432.063.0 March-Cosworth DFV 79S9110
1982 Lydden Hill2Ken Ayers346.703.0 March-Cosworth DFV 79S10120
1982 Curborough3Ken Ayers431.303.0 March-Cosworth DFV 79S9129
1982 Blackpool4Ken Ayers119.303.0 March-Cosworth DFV 79S12141
1982 Colerne5Ken Ayers859.983.0 March-Cosworth DFV 79S5146
1982 Brighton6Ken Ayers115.633.0 March-Cosworth DFV 79S12158
1982 Weston8Ken Ayers211.863.0 March-Cosworth DFV 79S11169
1983 Curborough1Ken Ayers733.483.0 March-Cosworth DFV 79S6175
1983 Curborough3Ken Ayers332.463.0 March-Cosworth DFV 79S10185
1983 Blackpool4Ken Ayers120.143.0 March-Cosworth DFV 79S12197
1983 Colerne5Ken Ayers862.053.0 Lyncar-Cosworth 79S/LM15202
1983 Brighton6Ken Ayers116.083.0 Lyncar-Cosworth 79S/LM112214
1983 Weston7Ken Ayers612.463.0 Lyncar-Cosworth 79S/LM17221
1984 Lydden Hill2Ken Ayers550.655.7 Chevron-Chevrolet B32-75-018229
1984 Colerne3Ken Ayers863.525.7 Chevron-Chevrolet B32-75-015234
1984 New Brighton4Ken Ayers354.835.7 Chevron-Chevrolet B32-75-0110244
1984 Mallory Park6Ken Ayers1064.945.7 Chevron-Chevrolet B32-75-013247
1984 Blackpool7Ken Ayers621.155.7 Chevron-Chevrolet B32-75-017254
1984 Pembrey8Ken Ayers652.015.7 Chevron-Chevrolet B32-75-017261
1984 Colerne9Ken Ayers864.113.9 Lyncar-Cosworth DFL MS84-LA78-115266
1984 Brighton10Ken Ayers115.533.9 Lyncar-Cosworth DFL MS84-LA78-1112278
1984 Ramsey Road11Ken Ayers659.073.9 Lyncar-Cosworth DFL MS84-LA78-117285
1984 Weston12Ken Ayers1112.823.9 Lyncar-Cosworth DFL MS84-LA78-112287
1985 Curborough1Ken Ayers1033.153.9 Lyncar-Cosworth DFL MS84-LA78-113290
1985 Colerne2Ken Ayers661.723.9 Lyncar-Cosworth DFL MS84-LA78-117297
1985 Curborough4Ken Ayers831.753.9 Lyncar-Cosworth DFL MS84-LA78-115302
1985 New Brighton5Ken Ayers451.683.9 Lyncar-Cosworth DFL MS84-LA78-119311
1985 Mallory Park6Ken Ayers751.773.9 Lyncar-Cosworth DFL MS84-LA78-116317
1985 Pembrey7Ken Ayers945.443.9 Lyncar-Cosworth DFL MS84-LA78-114321
1985 Kirkistown8Ken Ayers557.863.9 Lyncar-Cosworth DFL MS84-LA78-118329
1985 Colerne10Ken Ayers560.033.9 Lyncar-Cosworth DFL MS84-LA78-118337
1985 Brighton11Ken Ayers116.263.9 Lyncar-Cosworth DFL MS84-LA78-1112349
1985 Weston12Ken Ayers111.963.9 Lyncar-Cosworth DFL MS84-LA78-1112361
1986 Colerne3Ken Ayers861.573.9 Lyncar-Cosworth DFL MS84-LA78-115366
1986 New Brighton6Ken Ayers451.733.9 Lyncar-Cosworth DFL MS84-LA78-119375
1986 Ramsey Road7Ken Ayers148.993.9 Lyncar-Cosworth DFL MS84-LA78-1112387
1986 Pembrey9Ken Ayers743.693.9 Lyncar-Cosworth DFL MS84-LA78-116393
1986 Kirkistown10Ken Ayers360.753.9 Lyncar-Cosworth DFL MS84-LA78-1110403
1986 Brighton12Ken Ayers218.903.9 Lyncar-Cosworth DFL MS84-LA78-1111414
1986 Weston13Ken Ayers511.933.9 Lyncar-Cosworth DFL MS84-LA78-118422
1987 Oulton Park5Ken Ayers1058.813.9 Lyncar-Cosworth DFL MS84-LA78-113425
1987 New Brighton7Ken Ayers451.403.9 Lyncar-Cosworth DFL MS84-LA78-119434
1987 Ramsey Road8Ken Ayers148.043.9 Lyncar-Cosworth DFL MS84-LA78-1112446
1987 Kirkistown10Ken Ayers860.603.9 Lyncar-Cosworth DFL MS84-LA78-115451
1987 Brighton12Ken Ayers117.973.9 Lyncar-Cosworth DFL MS84-LA78-1112463
1987 Ingliston13Ken Ayers949.973.9 Lyncar-Cosworth DFL MS84-LA78-114467
1987 Weston14Ken Ayers311.713.9 Lyncar-Cosworth DFL MS84-LA78-1110477
1988 Ingliston3Ken Ayers646.644.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth DFL MP58/037484
1988 New Brighton6Ken Ayers250.164.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth DFL MP58/0311495
1988 Ramsey Road7Ken Ayers248.254.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth DFL MP58/0311506
1988 Blackpool8Ken Ayers116.244.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth DFL MP58/0312518
1988 Kirkistown10Ken Ayers659.244.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth DFL MP58/037525
1988 Brighton11Ken Ayers315.854.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth DFL MP58/0310535
1988 Weston12Ken Ayers211.704.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth DFL MP58/0311546
1989 Pembrey1Ken Ayers1255.664.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth DFL MP58/031547
1989 Ingliston3Ken Ayers846.474.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth DFL MP58/035552
1989 Curborough4Ken Ayers830.734.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth DFL MP58/035557
1989 Blackpool5Ken Ayers216.234.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth DFL MP58/0311568
1989 New Brighton6Ken Ayers342.774.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth DFL MP58/0310578
1989 Ramsey Road7Ken Ayers248.864.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth DFL MP58/0311589
1989 Pembrey8Ken Ayers754.904.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth DFL MP58/036595
1989 Kirkistown9Ken Ayers558.744.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth DFL MP58/038603
1989 Colerne10Ken Ayers1162.664.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth DFL MP58/032605
1989 Brighton11Ken Ayers215.854.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth DFL MP58/0311616
1989 Weston12Ken Ayers211.724.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth DFL MP58/0311627
1990 Pembrey1Ken Ayers454.854.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth/NM DFL MP58/039636
1990 Curborough2Ken Ayers730.524.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth/NM DFL MP58/036642
1990 Knockhill3Ken Ayers850.614.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth/NM DFL MP58/035647
1990 New Brighton5Ken Ayers449.634.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth/NM DFL MP58/039656
1990 Blackpool6Ken Ayers216.614.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth/NM DFL MP58/0311667
1990 Kirkistown8Ken Ayers868.194.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth/NM DFL MP58/035672
1990 Colerne9Ken Ayers461.494.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth/NM DFL MP58/039681
1990 Brighton10Ken Ayers115.324.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth/NM DFL MP58/0312693
1991 Pembrey1Ken Ayers554.364.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth/NM DFL MP58/038701
1991 Curborough2Ken Ayers1032.014.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth DFL MP58/033704
1991 Curborough4Ken Ayers1230.144.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth DFL MP58/031705
1991 New Brighton5Ken Ayers865.644.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth/NM DFL MP58/035710
1991 Blackpool6Ken Ayers218.794.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth/NM DFL MP58/0311721
1991 Pembrey7Ken Ayers852.844.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth/NM DFL MP58/035726
1991 Kirkistown8Ken Ayers658.834.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth/NM DFL MP58/037733
1991 Aintree9Ken Ayers844.224.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth/NM DFL MP58/035738
1991 Brighton11Ken Ayers215.084.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth/NM DFL MP58/0311749
1991 Weston12Ken Ayers412.244.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth/NM DFL MP58/039758
1992 Curborough1Ken Ayers730.214.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth/NM DFL MP58/036764
1992 Knockhill2Ken Ayers3103.834.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth/NM DFL MP58/0310774
1992 Curborough3Ken Ayers830.104.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth/NM DFL MP58/035779
1992 Pembrey4Ken Ayers6131.704.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth/NM DFL MP58/037786
1992 Three Sisters5Ken Ayers542.014.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth/NM DFL MP58/038794
1992 Blackpool6Ken Ayers118.734.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth/NM DFL MP58/0312806
1992 Aintree8Ken Ayers543.164.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth/NM DFL MP58/038814
1992 Colerne9Ken Ayers664.444.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth/NM DFL MP58/037821
1992 Brighton10Ken Ayers215.214.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth/NM DFL MP58/0311832
1992 New Brighton11Ken Ayers449.534.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth/NM DFL MP58/039841
1992 Weston12Ken Ayers314.374.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth/NM DFL MP58/0310851
1993 Ingliston2Ken Ayers747.244.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth/NM DFL MP58/036857
1993 Curborough3Ken Ayers831.654.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth/NM DFL MP58/035862
1993 New Brighton4Ken Ayers249.534.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth/NM DFL MP58/0311873
1993 Aintree5Ken Ayers743.754.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth/NM DFL MP58/036879
1993 Colerne8Ken Ayers765.854.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth/NM DFL MP58/036885
1993 Brighton9Ken Ayers39.544.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth/NM DFL MP58/0310895
1993 Aintree10Ken Ayers643.654.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth/NM DFL MP58/037902
1994 Curborough1Ken Ayers930.724.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth DFL MP58/034906
1994 Curborough3Ken Ayers530.484.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth DFL MP58/038914
1994 Jurby4Ken Ayers462.814.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth DFL MP58/039923
1994 Colerne5Ken Ayers765.654.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth DFL MP58/036929
1994 New Brighton6Ken Ayers350.564.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth DFL MP58/0310939
1994 Aintree10Ken Ayers743.424.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth DFL MP58/036945
1994 Three Sisters11Ken Ayers843.624.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth DFL MP58/035950