Last Updated on October 13 2014

  • Ford Fiesta XR2 Mk1 (First registered as A269FEJ May 1983)
  • Owned since 1992, bought as a stolen & recovered insurance write off.
Body Shell
  • 1983 Ford Fiesta XR2 bodyshell
  • MC Rallying GRP tailgate
  • Radical Pro-Sport carbon rear wing on home made 4mm brackets, with 10mm ali stays
  • Performance-Trim Carbon honeycomb bonnet
  • Demon-Tweeks alloy bonnet and tailgate pins (x8)
  • Airedale 4mm acrylic side and rear windows
  • MC Rallying fibre glass wheel arch extensions and front spoiler
  • Seam welded and strengthened throughout
  • All sound deadening and underseal removed
  • Replaced sills and front wings
  • Painted in two-pack Ford Sunburst Red (Resprayed: August 2000)
  • Removable steel sunroof (Fiesta Supersport)
  • Fiesta Mk2 tinted laminated windscreen
  • Single wiper conversion using VW Scirocco rear wiper motor
  • Underside painted with Dinitrol 4941 black wax rust protection
  • Ford Duratec 2.0 16V DHE420 4-cylinder in-line 1998cc, alloy block with alloy head and sump, featuring oil-cooled pistons
  • 7600rpm red line
  • ARP conrod bolts
  • ARP flywheel bolts
  • Titan superlight (3.7Kg) flywheel
  • Brise 'Powermaster (Denso) Race' single wire 93mm 49A alternator, with Halfords Poly-Vee alternator drive belt
  • Zetecinside cutom-made alternator mounting brackets
  • M-Sport Group N gearbox mount
  • M-Sport Group N CNC alloy engine mount
  • Ford Fiesta MK6 2.0 ST150 Platinum Spark Plugs (SP6644A)
  • Ford Coil on Plug ignition packs - Part Number 4M5G-12A366-BC, FINIS 1322402
  • Ford Focus Duratec cam cover (with COP fasteners) Part Number KK3545
  • 2004 Focus / CMax 1.8 Duratec HE tensioner (Part number 3M5Q-6A228-AD, FINIS number 1315781) for waterpump/alternator belt.
  • EGR blanked off using ST blanking plate
  • Gearbox steady bar using a modified Mk6 gearbox steady bracket
  • Tony Law Exhausts full race system
  • 4-2-1 manifold featuring equal length primaries.
  • 2.5" tubing
  • Single packable rear silencer
  • Corrosion resistant Sperex coating
  • Underfloor heat protection using Cool-It Acoustical & Heat Control Mat
  • Quaife QBE38Z 5 speed sequential dog box
  • 3.857:1 final drive, with 1.042:1 fifth gear
  • Geartronics programmable sequential gear display
  • Quaife 68" long gear selector cable
  • Quaife sequential gear lever
  • Altiss.com custom made 130mm tall aluminium gear lever tower
  • Quaife patented Automatic Torque Biasing limited slip differential
Drive Shafts
  • Commercial Propshaft Services GpA axle-bars.
  • 363mm drivers side
  • 333mm passenger side axle-bars
  • Fiesta ST Mk6 (23 spline) Tripod bearing joint
  • XR2/XR3 (22 spline) outer CV joints
  • Fiesta ST intermediate driveshaft (mounted on the rear of the engine block)
  • Both drive shafts covered in black 24mm adhesive heatshrink
  • AP Racing 220mm clutch (20mmX17T) CP5351-16
  • AP Racing 220mm clutch cover CP5905-500
  • 0.7" master cylinder
  • Ford Fiesta ST slave cylinder
  • M-Sport BR16020004A -4 Clutch Master Cylinder Adaptor (7/16 UNC thread) (£24.56+VAT)
  • Note: The M-Sport hydraulic clutch adaptor requires a Viton 6mm O-Ring (OR6X2-VIT from Bearing Station Ltd)
  • Rally Design -4 s/s flexible hose with 3/8 UNC s/s banjo for master cylinder connection
  • Titan-Motorsport roller barrel throttle bodies
  • Titan-Motorsport 100mm air horns
  • Active Electronics RP5110 throttle position sensor (130° swept angle)
  • Varley Red Top 15 race battery (Weight 5.5Kg)
  • www.customcarbon.co.uk carbon battery box
  • Home made light-weight wiring loom using Vehicle Wiring Products thinwall cabling
  • Wrapped in (green) Nomex heat resistant sleeving
  • ITT Cannon Neptune connectors & gold plated contacts throughout
  • Home made electrical control box, featuring fuses, power relays, and control switches
  • Battery isolator switch with alternator pull-down resistor
  • LMA stainless steel 3 metre battery isolator pull cable
Engine Management System
  • DTA S80 Pro ECU
  • Featuring Full throttle gear changes
  • Launch & Traction Control
  • 16MB capacity data-logger
  • CANBUS output data stream
  • Innovate LC-1 wide band lambda sensor / controller
  • Stack ST-200 Clubman tachometer, 0-4-10.5Krpm, with tell-tale switch
  • 5 x 14.5mm Ultrabright warning LED's:
  • 2 x RED = Low oil pressure
  • 1 x YELLOW = Alternator charge light
  • 2 X BLUE = ECU Gear shift light
  • Stack 52mm stepper motor driven digital instruments for Water Temp, Oil Pressure and Battery Voltage
  • Hansell Composites custom-made carbon fibre dashboard.
  • 11 position rotary switch for Traction Aggressiveness (0-100% in 10% steps)
  • Race Technology Dash3 Lite LCD Digital timing display
Engine Lubrication
  • 76 Racing 10W60 fully synthetic oil (capacity 4 litres)
  • Mocal remote filter plate
  • Halfords HOF207 oil filter
  • Earls -10AN Swivel Seal connectors and -10 Pro-Lite 350 oil hose
  • Custom-made CNC machined Duratec HE block oil adapter takeoff plate (fits in place of the standard oil filter housing, and allows oil lines to run from the front of the engine block to the remote filter housing)
  • Mocal Oil filter sensor take-off plate, with 15psi / 1bar Oil pressure switch 1/8npt, Stack oil pressure sender 1/8npt, and Ford Oil Temperature sender (M12x1.5)
  • At tickover, 90 psi oil pressure when cold, and around 40 psi when warmed up. Above 1500 rpm the engine produces a steady 90-100psi.
Gearbox Lubrication
  • Castrol 75W90 Synthetic gear oil (capacity 3.1 litres)
  • Radtec custom-made alloy radiator (100% greater capacity than a Ford Fiesta RS1800 radiator)
  • Radiator dimensions: 260mm (w) x 660mm (h) with 40mm core and 32mm pipes
  • Twin Spal 9" suction fans, computer controlled (VA07-AP12/C-58A)
  • Thermostat removed
  • SFS Performance hose kit (black silicon)
  • Evalution-Designs 1l alloy header tank
  • Stant header tank hi pressure cap with lever
  • Evalution-Designs custom 4" water swirl pot
  • Evalution-Designs 32mm diameter 500mm long alloy water pipe with flared ends
  • 6 litres total capacity
  • Momo Race 80 suede steering wheel with Momo boss
  • New 2013: Kiley Clinton high ratio Fiesta steering rack (2.5 turns lock to lock)
  • Fiesta Mk2 steering column
  • Steering rack protected by DEI heat shroud (withstands direct heat up to 250°C and reflects radiant heat over 1000°C)
Front Brakes
  • HiSpec Racing 114-4 four pot alloy race calipers with 285mm lightweight disks
  • Ferodo DS2500 pads
  • Rally Design Mk2 Escort adjustable brake bias pedal box (hydraulic clutch version) featuring
  • 0.625" (front cylinder) and 0.7" (rear cylinder)
  • 3/16" cupro-nickel brake pipes and M10x1mm fittings throughout
  • Master cylinders fed by three fluid reservoirs, using -4 flexible Rallydesign RD1424 24" reservoir hoses with 7/16" fittings
  • DOT 5.1 Synthetic brake fluid
Rear Brakes
  • Focus Mk1 solid rear disks, lightened and cross drilled
  • HiSpec Ultralite-2 calipers mounted upside down
  • Ferodo DS2500 pads (Mitsubishi EVO IV) machined down to 9.5mm thickness by Altiss Engineering
Front suspension
  • AVO alloy gas adjustable 2.25" coil-over shocks [adjustable spring platform]
  • 275lb springs (300lb when running the Zetec 2.0)
  • TAS(UK) spherical bearing top mounts, giving adjustable camber, caster
  • Kustom Engineering adjustable rose jointed TCA's, tie-bars and mounting brackets
  • 2013 setup -1.5° negative camber, +3.5° caster, and 0° toe-in
Rear suspension
  • SPAX gas adjustable rear shocks
  • 450lb springs
  • Kustom Engineering adjustable rose-jointed aluminium radius arms with alloy rod ends
  • Kustom Engineering adjustable rose-jointed aluminium panhard rod with alloy rod ends
  • Powder coated Fiesta Mk1 rear axle, modified to accept Focus Mk1/2 rear hubs, allowing adjustable camber and toe-in, currently running with -1.5° negative camber and +1mm toe-out on both rear wheels
  • Powder coated rear anti-roll bar giving from 4x to 8x the stiffness of the original Fiesta Mk1 XR2 anti-roll bar
  • Ford 20.5MM rear axle/hub spacers
Drivers Seat
  • Motordrive Pro2 Tall Highside composite seat with Motordrive 5mm alloy brackets
Seat Belt
  • Sabelt Pro 6-point with quick release, and 3" wide belts
Fire Extinguisher
  • Electrically operated Lifeline 2.25L AFFF with polished alloy cannister (expires 2014)
Roll Cage
  • Safety Devices full cage with fixed rear diagonal brace (38mm CDS [cold drawn steel] tubing)
  • 38mm CDS Welded X door bars
  • 38mm CDS removable lateral brace running across the car, behind drivers seat
  • 15" x 7" OZ Superleggera's, ET37, silver
  • Wheel weight : 5.5Kg each
  • 200/580R15 Kumho Ecsta C03 K11 Extra soft-wet or for low ambient temperatures in tarmac rallying slicks
Fuel tank
Fuel system
  • Bosch 044 fuel injection pump
  • Torques.co.uk 30 micron fuel filter
  • Weber 3 bar fuel pressure regulator
  • Goodridge HL836-06D hard lines (8mm ID 10mm OD) with compression fittings [inside car]
  • Goodrige fuel cooler, GCS619AN06, mounted below the boot floor
  • Earls Pro-Lite 350 nylon braided -6 hose and alloy swivel seal fittings in the engine bay and inside the fuel tank cavity at the rear of the car
  • Titan-Motorsport fuel rail
  • Weber Green IW 031 270cc/min injectors (fitted Aug 2010)
Power Output
  • 200 bhp @7600rpm (160ft/lb) measured June 2011 at Northampton Motorsport
  • 287 bhp/tonne
  • 116 MPH top speed
  • 0-60 in 5.1s (October 2012, Santa Pod RWYB)
  • 1/4mile in 13.4s @105MPH (October 2012, Santa Pod RWYB)
Vehicle Weight
  • August 2010 695 Kg (1532 lbs) 2.0 Duratec engine and 20 litres of fuel on-board
  • May 2006 715 Kg (1574 lbs) (with Zetec engine) 63:37 split front/rear and 50:50 split left/right