The events archives

The 2012 season

Blyton SprintJuly 21st 20123rd
Blyton SprintJuly 22nd 20123rd & 52 O/A PicasaYoutube
3 Sisters SprintAugust 5th 20123rdPicasaYoutube
Harewood HillclimbAugust 26th 20124thPicasa Youtube
Aintree SprintSept 1st 20125thPicasa Youtube
Loton Park HillclimbSept 9th 20121stYoutube

The 2011 season

Aintree25th June 2011X
Llandow16th July 2011XYoutube
Ford Fair7th August 2011X
Retro Rides show21st August 2011X
Harewood Hillclimb29th August 2011X
Aintree3rd September 2011X
Loton11th September 2011X

The 2008 season

March 24Croft SprintNew PBMID5th11.90
April 13Harewood HillclimbWetMID2nd20.00
May 18Fiesta in the Park
May 24MIRA SprintNew PBMID1st21.00
June 22Epynt HillclimbNew PB
Total 52.90

The 2006 season

In 2006, the Fiesta XR2 had improved brakes, and she was also 15KG lighter (~715KGs).
Date 2006Venue (html)InfoKeyResultPoints
May 14Shelsley Walsh hillclimbNew PBMID/NSCC2nd17.96
May 27MIRA sprintWetMID/NSCC1st20.00
June 17Cadwell Park SprintNew PBMID/NSCC1st20.20
July 1Shelsley Walsh HillclimbNew PBMID/NSCC1st20.00
July 16Curborough 2 x lapMID/NSCC1st20.00
August 13Barkston Heath SprintNew PBMID/NSCC1st20.70
September 17Cadwell Park SprintACCMID2nd20.00
Total 138.86
Event reportDate
PDFShelsley Walsh, May 14th 2006

The 2005 season

2005 was a quieter season for me, with just four events. However I still recorded new personal bests at all circuits. I finished runner-up in Midland Speed - Sports Libre class.

Date 2005Venue (html)InfoKeyResult
June 5Curborough sprintNew PBNSCC1st
June 25XAintree sprintNew PBMID5th16.61
July 2XShelsley Walsh hillclimbNew PBMID/NSCC6th16.01
July 17Curborough Double LapperNew PBMID/NSCC1st20.00
August 7Silverstone - Ford FairShow

Season summary

2005 Season so far

The 2004 season

There were 16 outings in 2004. In the Events Diary section below, there are reports on the events, show reports etc, and articles that I've written for car club magazines.

2004 was an excellent season, with new personal bests at all circuits. After 10 events, I finished runner-up in Midland Speed - Sports Libre class, and 32nd overall (from 134 starters).

Date 2004Venue (html)InfoKeyResult
MID Speed
April 4XThree Sisters sprintNSCC/MID2nd20.0
April 25XCurborough sprintNew PBMID2nd20.0
May 16Fiesta In the Park [Kettering]FCGB----
May 22Loton Park HillclimbMIDDNS----
May 29XMIRA sprintNew PBMID3rd15.45
June 6XCurborough sprintNSCC1st----
June 26XAintree sprintNew PBMID1st20.0
July 3XShelsley Walsh hillclimbNew PBMID3rd15.9
July 4Retro Cars Show [Santa Pod]----
July 11XHarewood hillclimbNew PBNSCC/MID2nd20.0
July 18XCurborough long course sprintNew PBNSCC/MID1st21.0
August 1Ford Fair [Silverstone]----
August 14XThree Sisters sprintNew PBMID2nd20.0
August 29XHarewood hillclimbNew PBNSCC3rd----
September 19Loton Park HillclimbNew PBMIDDNF----
September 26XCurborough sprintMID2nd20.0

Event reportMagazine article (Adobe Acrobat format)
3 SistersThree Sisters, April 4th 2004
CurboroughCurborough, April 25th 2004
MIRAMIRA, May 29th 2004
CurboroughCurborough, June 6th 2004
AintreeAintree, June 26th 2004
ShelsleyShelsley Walsh, July 3rd 2004
HarewoodHarewood, July 11th 2004
CurboroughCurborough, July 18th 2004
3 SistersThree sisters, August 14th 2004
HarewoodHarewood, August 29th 2004

The 2003 season

Date 2003Venue (html)InfoKeyResult
April 6XThree Sisters sprintNSC/MID4th
April 27XCurborough sprintMID2nd
May 10XLoton ParkNSC/MID1st
May 18Fiesta in the Park, Kettering
May 24XMIRA sprintMID1st
June 20Performance Ford thrash
June 28XAintree sprintMID2nd
July 13XHarewood hillclimbNSC/MID1st
July 20Curborough double lapperNSC/MID1st
August 7ChobhamCCC Magazine
August 8BruntingthorpeRetro Cars Magazine
August 9Emerald Ltd, NorfolkCCC Magazine
August 10Three Sisters SprintNSC3rd
August 17RS National day, Donington Park
August 24Harewood HillclimbMID2nd
August 31Loton Park HillclimbMID3rd
September 4BruntingthorpeFast Ford Magazine
Event reportMagazine article (Adobe Acrobat format)
Performance Ford magazine articlePerformance Ford magazine article on my Fiesta, July 2002
3 Sisters3 Sisters event report, April 6th 2003
CurboroughCurborough event report, April 27th 2003
Loton ParkLoton Park event report [1st in class], May 10th 2003
MIRAMIRA event report [1st in class], May 24th 2003
AintreeAintree event report, June 28th 2003
HarewoodHarewood event report, July 13th 2003
CurboroughCurborough event report, July 20th 2003
3 Sisters3 Sisters long course report, August 10th 2003
HarewoodHarewood hillclimb event report, August 24th 2003
LotonLoton Park hillclimb event report, August 31st 2003
Donington ParkJanuary 26th 2003

Chronological event report archives with photographs and videos.


Bruntingthorpe AerodromeApril 26th 2002
FITP (Kettering)May 19th 2002
Mallory ParkJuly 10th 2002
Silverstone Stowe debutAugust 4th 2002
RSOC showAugust 18th 2002


Donington ParkJanuary 26th 2003
Three Sisters sprintApril 6th 2003
Curborough sprintApril 27th 2003
Loton ParkMay 10th 2003
MIRA sprintMay 24th 2003
Aintree sprintJune 28th 2003
Harewood hillclimbJuly 13th 2003


Three Sisters sprintApril 4th 2004
Curborough sprintApril 25th 2004
MIRA sprintMay 29th 2004
Curborough sprintJune 6th 2004
Aintree sprintJune 26th 2004
Shelsley Walsh hillclimbJuly 3rd 2004
Harewood hillclimbJuly 11th 2004
Curborough long course sprintJuly 18th 2004
Three Sisters sprintAugust 14th 2004
Harewood hillclimbAugust 29th 2004
Curborough sprintSeptember 26th 2004


Curborough sprintJune 5th 2005
Aintree sprintJune 25th 2005
Shelsley Walsh hillclimbJuly 2nd 2005


Shelsley Walsh hillclimbMay 14th 2006
MIRA sprintMay 27th 2006