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Last Updated on April 19 2024

CAN Simulator

This project page shows the attempt to send CAN data to my Dash4Pro. This is for testing purposes. I want to simulate the dashboard plugged in to the car, and receiving and displaying data. Cant be that hard?

I've got an inno-maker USB2CAN device, and a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. The Pi is running the non GUI version of Debian, is headless, and I am connecting to it over my home network, using MobaXTerm to open an SSH session.

The single biggest lesson I learnt from this exercise, is that the Dash4Pro must be run with Silent Mode = OFF, if it is the only device on the CAN BUS. Normally CAN needs at least one active (non-silent) device for packets to be acknowleged. If the Dash4Pro is in silent mode, and is the only device on the CAN BUS, it will not acknowledge any packets and the Packet Count will remain steadfastly at zero. And setting Loopback to On will not help. Turn silent mode off and everything works.

The Pi4 has had the python-can and the can-utils libaries installed.

The connection between the Raspberry Pi, the usb2can, and the Dash4Pro

The code can be found on my Github repository

Terminal output whilst the code is running.

Video of the Dash4Pro whilst the code is running.