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Escort RSR printed trigger disk

I've sent the STEP file off to have a pair of these trigger wheels printed for an Escort RSR that needs wheel speed pickups. We were considering radially mounted dowel pins, but in the end decided on axial, due to the placing of the proximity sensor. The car runs a Motec M150 ECU, and we've gone for 20 dowel pins.


Photos from Pembrey

So there was a photographer at Pembrey afterall. At £12 an medium resolution image though, and £24 for the hi-res version, I stopped at just the two mediums.

On this picture you can see the cold air intake ahead of the exhaust, and how parallel the floor sits against the ground. The wire ropes on the side pods were added for Mallory, and prevent the floor from being pulled downwards by the low pressure underneath the floor section as the vehicle speed and downforce both increase.

This morning I entered the Llandow sprint in August. After an hour they'd reached 60 entries. I've never been before with the Mygale, I did make a few visits in the Fiesta which could take the kerbs, something I'm not going to tackle with the single seater. There is no overnight camping at the track, and the local caravan park does accomodate cars with trailers, but they want you to book two nights accomodation, so I think I'll be driving down to S.Wales early on a Sunday morning, to keep the costs down. At least the traffic should be ok at that time of the day.


VVT Fail

Entirely my fault, when you're sat in the queue for the start line, and nearly stall the engine, the oil pressure dips, and this causes a VVT Failure. The Dash4Pro dashboard flashed up "LIMP VVT" which is what I'd programmed it to do, but I hadnt tested it since doing so. As soon as I saw the message flash up, I knew I had to power the ECU off and on again, which resets the trip and the ECU is then taken out of limp mode. Brilliant.


Class record run from Saturday at Pembrey

Two class records in one run, and a second quicker than I went last year.

The ferry is now booked for the N.Ireland trip in August. There is a 15% discount code for motorsport competitors, which brought the pair of crossings with the van and trailer down to a modest £372.12p, which would be even less if I'd not booked a seat in the Hygge lounge, which is an extra 'tenna' each way.


HSA Class Record

I just realised last night when I was checking the records on the HSA Speed Championship, that my best time on Saturday was quicker than the 'Above 2.0' class record held by Terry Holmes in the Lola V8, so I'm now the HSA record holder with my 94.17s time; Thats a score of 12 points for the HSA championship too. Nice.

In the HSA Championship I run in the Above 2.0 class, and in the British Sprint we have our own 1600T class, which Pete and I battle over. Pete's set some incredibly quick times over the years, and I've set a few myself, but not as many as I need to to win a championship. Must try even harder :D

I was running ExtraBoost on the run offs again at the weekend, and with the >25C ambient air temperatures the charge temperatures were quite respectable peaking around 54C, even with the additional boost. I did have some Gear Shift settings to try, to reduce the wheel spin between up-shifts, but didnt want to take any risks with zero testing, so I left everything as it.

On Saturday the car used 8.248L of fuel, and on Sunday, 8.678L, making a total of 16.91L used.


Taking the Championship Lead

After posting some good results over the weekend, with a pair of second places on Saturday plus setting a new class record, then a 3rd and 4th on Sunday, where the tyres really struggled when I hit a patch of oil spoiling the first runoff, I am now 12 points ahead of second place, which is a great place to be.

The weather was perfect all weekend, but the track temperatures were very high Sunday, and with the track having such an abrasive surface, which itself introduces heat in to the rubber, the Ultrasofts and the Avon HC3's simply got worse the harder you worked them. Supersofts or even Softs would probably have worked far better.

The car was flawless all weekend. And I have a new cold air intake setup, which was met with intense scrutiny by rivals, one even said 'yes but it looks f*cking ugly'; the ambient air temperatures were far lower than I would have had with the airbox sat above the engine, and this paid dividends with the power output. On saturday evening I added additional heat insulation to the filter duct work, which made another differnce to the air temperatures on Sunday. And whilst upgrading the insulation on Saturday evening, I spotted a tiny droplet of pink antifreeze on the surface of one of the black silicon hoses that supply cooling water to the turbo, so I removed the end of the hose and shortened it by an inch, to ensure it didnt burst when the engine was hot.

During the almost spin on Sunday when I hit the oil patch on the first run off, I captured some very useful traction control data, which will allow me to tweak it to make it try and catch the spin earlier, should it happen again.

9.5 hours driving on the return trip to the circuit, no dramas, a first in class trophy for Saturday, and the championship lead. All in all, a great result.


Coming up: Pembrey weekend (June 1st and 2nd)

A couple of things to further increase the performance of the car will be trialled at this coming weekend's sprints at Pembrey. Spurred on by the calibration changes made at Blyton, where I now have a Run Off mode which allows for extra power, we're developing some more enhancements which will be tested on the extremely fast Welsh circuit. I certainly couldnt have gotten in to the 55's at Blyton without the changes, so I hope the weather plays ball in South Wales.

Contrary to what was written in the BSC report for Blyton, I was not running the new ExtraBoost map on Saturday. After trying it in first practice, the car felt sluggish and I realised it was severely down on power. Looking at the map1 levels, I figured out we'd made a mistake with the Wastegate Control MAP Target Adjustment for CAL 02, so I reloaded the previous map, and that restored the power back to the previous power levels, which were enough to win both run offs and FTD. During Saturday evening I corrected the error, loaded the ExtraBoot map back on, and on Sunday ran CAL 02 for the qualifying runs, and CAL 01 for the Run Off's. The difference on CAL 01 was definitely noticeable to me, the engine pulled so much harder, it certainly put a smile on my face. There were some corresponding issues which we found afterwards, which are being corrected for Pembrey. The rebuilt and upgraded engine is certainly capable of producing more power :D


Onboards from Blyton Park circuit

Saturdays 4K FTD Winning run on the Eastern Circuit

Sundays 4K 3rd place 55s run on the Outer Circuit


Blyton Park circuit - Six in a row

I was overjoyed as you can probably imagine to win both run offs and set Fastest Time of the Day for the sixth time on the Eastern Circuit. Everything went according to my plan, no dramas, nothing broke or fell off, and I was clearly the fastest car around the circuit all day. Perfect. I was in the lead of the championship too, by three points. The weather was incredible, low 20's and sun all day. You couldnt complain about anything. Well done to Longton DMC for putting on a great show, and thanks for the Best Longton Member award too.

Sunday was also a very successful day. I was in the 55's for both run offs, both new PBs, and on the same second as the winner, finishing 3rd both times, and netting 48 points. The car was perfect, the two seasons old Pirellis did what I asked of them, and the EcoBoost engine pulled very strongly in every gear. I dropped back in to second place in the championship, but its clearly going to be another two horse race again this year, with both EcoBoost's swapping positions.

The 30 dowel 3D printed trigger wheel on the rear axle worked perfectly all weekend, leading to a 2.12s 64ft on dirty two season old tyres on the final run on Sunday. I'm happy with that. Last year I had a surge in results after the other drivers's tyres grip levels fell off a cliff, so I'm hoping that if I keep applying pressure like I am, and taking care of my rubber, then the same thing will happen again. I had zero nearside front wheel lockups over the weekend, so thank you to TripleM motorsport for performing the corner weighting the other week, as the chassis is now balanced allowing me to brake harder later.

Clive Wooster

Clive Wooster
The worst part of the weekend was hearing of the untimely passing of regular sprinter Clive Wooster. He died at home on Saturday morning from an apparent heart attack. Clive was such an ambassador for the sport, and will be sorely missed with his Green Radical a familiar sight at sprints in the Midlands and South West. RIP Clive.


30 dowel trigger wheel fitted

I removed the nearside driveshaft again last night, and slid the 20 dowel printed trigger wheel off, and replaced it with the latest 30 dowel version. The ECU then had the new CAL loaded, and I set the wheel speed sensor up for 30 teeth. This will allow 12° rotation of the wheel per pulse, which coupled with the 20 dowel trigger wheel on the front axle, should make a further improvement to the launch and traction control. With the wheel fitted, I can spin the axle around by hand, and the ECU displayed some very smooth data from the sensor, which is currently adjusted approx 2mm from the dowels. I will need to keep an eye on the dowels, which only weigh 0.5 grammes, they shouldnt move, but we'll find out at Blyton.

A question that came up on facebook recently was whether the steel dowels would come out when the car was being driven. So I've just done a quick calculation, and at 150mph, with the rear wheel rotating at 2227 rpm, the dowels have an effective mass of 133.6 grammes per dowel. Which sounds a lot, but, to push the dowels in to the plastic ring, requires over 10kg of force. That is, if I place the ring on to my kitchen scales, and push the dowel in to the ring, the scales are overloaded before the dowel is forced into the ring. And as the scales have a max reading of 10kg, I take that as more than 10kg of force to insert each dowel. Thats the theory, lets see what happens at Blyton.

The entry list for the Blyton sprint is now out. Only 72 entries though from 120. Not a great turn out, but there are 17 BSC drivers in total, which is pretty good.


Fifth injector update

The 3rd version of the fifth injector assembly turned up from 3D People at the weekend, and everything fits together properly now. The orb fitting on the injector rail works perfectly with the AN6 fitting I bought from torques. And the O-rings on the Pico injector seat properly in the fuel rail and the main body. So I guess its time to get one made from aluminium now and see if we can get it working with the ECU.

I also have the front and rear trigger disks back from 3D People, and I've populated two of the rings with 4mm dowels. The steel dowels weigh just 0.5g each, so even when fully populated the plastic rings arent that heavy.


Corner weight check

I took a trip over to TripleM motor sport today for a corner weight check and to have the new Avon wets fitted to the rims. Alan and Nick placed the car on the scales, and to my delight the car was just a couple of kg's off front left to right rear, which was easily adjusted by altering the length of the right rear pushrod. They also checked the toe and camber and nothing needed adjusting. Alan then clamped the brake pedal closed, and they turned the front wheels to see how much torque was needed to turn the wheels against the brakes, and both wheels required the same amount of torque. So the reason the front left keeps locking under hard braking maybe down to the pad materials in the new pads. If the front left locks again at Blyton, I'm to swap the pads over left to right, and see if the issue goes away.

I drove past the show ground at Lincoln on the way back, and there were huge queues of lorries and tractor units, for exhibitors for the truck show at the weekend. I was glad I wasnt caught up in that traffic.