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"Excuse me sir, but is this your website?"

What a strange question to be asked by a Police constable. Yet that was the question being asked of me, as I stood in my front door.

This is August 2013, my road car had been vandalised, and I'd been told that the Police had a witness to the crime. We'd been over to the Oadby Race Course, to a car show, to let the kids blow off steam, and a chance to have a look at a few new cars. Returning to the car park, after a few hours enjoying ourselves, we find my Legacy has a long deep scratch along the driver's side, and a hand written note left under the windscreen wiper, saying that the Police had information regarding the damage, and we were to call them.

When we did, we were asked to go to the local Police station to make a statement. We were told that there was a witness, and they said that they had seen a burgundy Volvo, pull up alongside my car in the car park, the driver got out, they did something to set my car's alarm off, got back in to their car, and then they drove off.

Alarm bells started ringing in my head.

Neighbour A, the second hand car dealer from two doors down, owned a burgundy Volvo.

The vehicle registration number given by the witness also matched that of my neighbour's Volvo.

When we got home later that day, my CCTV recording from the morning, showed neighbour A getting in to his car about an hour after we had departed, and then he returned just over an hour later. And the sighting of the Volvo at the car park was approximately midway during the period where he had gone out and returned in the Volvo.

I'd never mentioned to anyone where we were going that day, it wasnt on my blog, nor was it tweeted, or on Facebook. We just made a spur of the moment decision on the Sunday morning that we'd attend the show at Oadby Race Course, so the neighbours couldnt have known where we went. Someone tipped them off, and my private number plate was the marker that they needed.

As time went on, the Police kept us regularly informed of their investigation. However they took far longer to get hold of the witness than we had hoped for, over two months in fact and people's memories fade over time. As it was the witness couldn't give a good enough description of the person who they saw driving the burgundy Volvo with the neighbours registration plate, so without sufficient evidence the Police couldn't proceed with the prosecution. Neighbour A was taken in for questioning by the Police, but wasn't charged because of the lack of evidence. Under questioning he denied being at the Race Course, and claimed that he was the victim of number plate cloning. So his car was seen there, but he claimed it was another identical Burgndy Volvo, wearing the same number plates.

The only satisfaction from my point of view is that he knows that we knew that he was at the Race Course, in his burgundy Volvo, at the time of the attack.

Back to the knock on the front door.

Knock knock

Whilst waiting for the witness statement to be taken, and before the neighbour was questioned, I had placed a comment on my blog that simply said "I am awaiting a phone call that will decide the fate of my Stalkers". That's all it said. And it was on the site for less than 24 hours, when the knock on the front door came. Now at this point, I had nothing to confirm that neighbour A had scratched the car. We had had no contact with them, and in fact, had gone to great lengths to avoid them. All we knew was the Police said that there was a witness, and that my neighbour's car was involved. My neighbour had had no contact from the Police, so had no idea that the event had even been witnessed. The Police wouldnt interview him until they had the statement.

The two Police constables standing at the door said that a phone call had been received from my immediate next door neighbour (This is neighbour B again), confessing that he was my Stalker, and that he feared for the safety of himself and his family, because of the comment on my blog.

Again, all the blog said was "I am awaiting a phone call that will decide the fate of my Stalkers". The Police presented me with a print out of my blog, with the comment highlighted.

I said that I had no idea who my Stalkers were (because I didnt), that there was an investigation in to the damage to my car, and that the Police were expecting to interview a witness in the next few days, and I was expecting a phone call. At no time did I suggest or indicate who my Stalkers were. The Police left, heading next door to give neighbour B a dressing down for wasting Police time. We couldn't believe it, it was the most ridiculous thing we'd ever heard, and the Police looked none too impressed either.

Can you believe the stupidity of my neighbour?

Neighbour B, had called the Police, he told them he was my Stalker, and that he was concerned for his safety based on that comment on a blog that he had found.

At this point, I had no evidence as to who my Stalkers were. Someone had followed my car to Oadby Race Course, and had vandalised my car. I had no idea who. I had no evidence. But this one comment lead to a set of events that confirmed without a shadow of a doubt

Can you imagine that phone call to the Police. "Er hello, I'm my next door neighbour's Stalker, and he has written a comment on his blog that doesn't mention me by name, but I'm scared by it"


The facts speak for themselves. The number plate on the burgundy Volvo seen at the car park matched my neighbours' car. My CCTV footage showed that the neighbour A had gone out and returned in that same car, whilst we were at the show, in the exact same time span that it would have taken to have driven to Oadby and back. He had motive, as the crime took place following a confrontation on my driveway one week earlier, orchestrated by both my neighbours, which was also reported to the police and was under investigation at that time. I had audio recordings of all the neighbours' scheming to confront me, prior to the assault a week earlier.

Neighbour A works in the second hand car trade and someone at the car show must have called him to tell him that they'd seen my private registration number and my Legacy, in the Oadby Race Course car park. If only I could get the phone records of his phone, I'm sure it would show a text message or a call, made on the morning of the offence, to his mobile, letting him know that my car had been spotted. I did suggest this to the Police, but as it was just a scratch on a car, they didn't have powers to obtain this information for what they considered a minor crime. Even though it was another act of harassment and he had motive. Thinking about it, going to the show was a mistake. It was frequented by members of the motor trade, one of which coincidentally knew my neighbour and was on the lookout for my number plate. Not a good idea.

Following the attacks, neighbour B and his family moved to Joondalup, Perth in Western Australia in Spring 2014, and neighbour A remains at large. Neighbour B's house is now being rented out, so they will be back in the UK at some point. Before they went, after the incident with the vandalism, neighbour B was served with a harassment notice, by the Police. Even though he refused to sign it, he was served with the notice, and at that point he stopped complaining about my parking. On the day we moved, in December 2013, he even shouted 'Hooray, they're going', as the removals lorry was parked up on the driveway. So even though he had been told by the Police to leave us alone, he couldnt help himself. In the intervening period (between the harassment notice and us moving house), his mother-in-law started driving erractically down the shared driveway, with near miss after near miss against my parked cars, in an attempt to harass us, and we recorded the footage, and it's available to see on the Bad Driving page. He searched out the footage on Youtube, and raised a privacy complaint against me. So I now host it on my website as animated GIF's for all to see.

Complaint about Youtube video

So why would they do this?

You would think that, with our house sold, that the neighbours would leave us alone and let us move. You would think that, if we were really that unpopular, they would want us to go, peacefully. But no. That wasnt their motive at all. This was a hate crime. They hated me, hated my Fiesta, hated everything that I stood for, including my drive, ambition and passion to get on in life. They simply reflect in their hatred, the hatred of themselves.

We moved house in December 2013, to a much nicer village, away from my Stalkers, who, through nothing more than jealousy, were determined to cause me financial pain, and further harassment. They failed on both cases. The car was insured, the hire car was provided by the insurance company, I had protected no claims bonus, and we moved to a nicer area where the neighbours aren't hell bent on dragging you down to their level.

I know that they both still frequent my website. Thats not going to stop me from publishing my thoughts, successes and dreams. This is what the internet is all about. The Freedom of speech is an important democratic right, and I dont care what they both think, I shall continue to write about what interests me. If they dont like what they find, the choice is simple. Just press Alt-F4, or click on the X in the top right hand corner.

Both ex-neighbours are on the move. In 2018, number 23 was sold, and number 25 has been on the market for quite some time, being relisted again in November 2018. Good luck to anyone this pair moves next door to. Hopefully, Desai isnt coming back to the UK, as the family fled to Oz since 2014, and this sale marks their intention never to come back. The UK will be a quieter place without them.