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Last Updated on March 28 2017

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Modifying the roll cage

The Safety Devices roll cage is a standard six-point cage, with fixed rear diagonal.

I fitted a longitudinal cross brace, that runs across the width o car behind the front seat, and a pair of diagonal door braces on both sides of the car, all made from cold drawn steel supplied by Safety Devices. The longitudinal brace is mounted with saddle brackets, so it can be removed if required. I've never taken it off in 10 years, but should the need arive, I can if I need to. The additional bars were added to make the car safer in my opinion, and they comply with the relevant safety drawings in the MSA Blue Book.

My safety mods to the rollcage The doorbars ready for welding. Door bar nearly completed Me (in 1998) taking a break during welding strengthening plates to the front footwells Finished! With the doors back on

The two ROPS certificates for the Safety Devices cage are both available for download here:

 Certificate 1

 Certificate 2